(Finally!) A Sephora & Lush Haul!

First off, I just want to say I hope you guys like the changes to the blog layout. I've been meaning to change the width of the page to allow for bigger pictures as I know it can be annoying to have to click each picture to view it in full size. Let me know if you guys like this layout and the bigger pictures! :) Now on with the actual post!

I know I love seeing haul posts and according to my page views and counters, you guys do too! After more than two, slow grueling months of self restraint (okay, I'm exaggerating just a tad), I finally made some beauty related purchases! You can read my blabberings or watch me blab and show you the products more in depth in the video. It never hurts to read and watch! :)

About a month ago Sephora released their Sephora Favorites "In The Glow" Set online and I was quickly drawn to it. But I had no extra money to spend and I wanted to see how long I could hold up. Eventually it became sold out online and I thought of it as a good deal gone forever. A few days ago I was walking past Sephora (one of the perks of living in New York City is that there's a Sephora in almost every neighborhood) and I saw two of these boxes on a ledge near the windows. I rushed in and quickly made my purchase. For $35 you receive seven mini skincare and makeup products which according to Sephora should be a $110 value. I rarely trust what companies tell me and I decided to calculate the real value based on the retail price and size proportions. Here's the breakdown:

- Exfolikate - Retail: $19 for .05 oz // Set: .05 oz = $19
- Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation - Retail: $50 for 1 oz // Set: .5 oz = $25
- Boscia Luminizing Black Mask - Retail: $34 for 2.8 oz // Set: 1 oz = $12.14
- Ole Henriksen Truth Serum - Retail: $48 for 1 oz // .5 oz = $24
- Clarins Delicious Self Tanner - Retail: $42 for 4.4 oz // .7 oz = $6.68
- Josie Maran Argan Oil - Retail: $14 for .5 oz // .17 oz = $4.76
- Tarte Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum - Retail: $32 for 1.7 oz // .3 oz = $5.65

TOTAL = $97.23

Nonetheless, the value is still good since you're paying $5 per product. I have already tried out a few of these samples and so far, so good.

I also stopped by Lush to pick up a few items that have been on my wishlist for awhile. I picked up Whoosh shower jelly, Buffy body butter, Godiva solid shampoo, and Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Expect reviews on these products in the upcoming weeks! I'm super excited to try all of these new bath, body, and hair care products out especially since school is about to start and I know I'm going to be exhausted when I get home. I feel like having unique and somewhat indulgent bath and body products soothes my mind and it gets me excited about hopping into the shower.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the products featured in this post so that I'll be sure to test it out and report back in a timely manner! Have you hauled anything recently? I'm planning to purchase a few more things in the upcoming week and will most likely have another haul post up soon~


  1. I love to see haul posts too :P Always interesting to see what others get!

    How is the josie maran argan oil?

  2. I've only used the argan oil once so I can't say much about it yet but I'll do a more comprehensive review once I've used it a few times! I can say that you only need a teeny tiny amount if you want to use it in your hair :)

  3. I love Honey I Washed The Kids, definitely a LUSH staple!

  4. The In The Glow kit is totally worth it. The travel size ExfoliKate is already worth $19 on its own. I'd get the kit if it were $35CAD but I bet it's like $45 here, too ridiculous for me to handle :(

  5. GABY: I like it so far but I don't love it like most people :( Glad you love it though!

    Ashley: I was going to get the $19 tube but after seeing it in the kit, it's super duper tiny and I'm not sure if it's even worth that much :/


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