Guest Post: Essie Nail Polish Swatches

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you'll know that I don't own many nail polishes and that I rarely splurge on expensive brands like Essie, OPI, China Glaze, and the like. My good friend, M, is somewhat of a nail polish junkie and she kindly offered to do some swatches for my blog! So the following pictures are her swatches on her own nails taken with her own camera :) M told me some of her thoughts on a few of the polishes which I've taken the liberty of rephrasing and I've also added my own commentary below. Enjoy!

M is pleased with all of the shades she has except Shop Till I Drop which, as you can see for yourselves, is sheer. Personally, I love Van D' Go as it looks like the perfect creamy, peachy-pink nail color! Eternal Optimist looks like a very office appropriate shade.

M's favorite nail polish out of the bunch is Lapid of Luxury which is a unique mid toned blue. As for myself, I'm head over heels for Lilacism which looks great on M!

Hope you guys found this post helpful and refreshing as I rarely show higher end nail lacquers on my blog :)


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