Hoarding: Product Packaging

When I purchase a beauty product, I usually like to keep the cardboard packaging it comes in.... I know, it's weird. I like having the product packaging on hand sometimes so I can refer to it for ingredients and sizes. But usually I can't really justify this strange action. To control myself from being an extreme hoarder, I limit myself to putting all the packaging in a medium sized Victoria Secret shopping bag which fits perfectly in a shelf under my makeup collection. If you walk into my room, I can bet that you wouldn't even notice this neat little bag of empty boxes!

Every few months I will go through the bag and pick out any packaging that I probably will not need (not like I really need any of them in the first place). I flatten all of the boxes for recycling along with the rest of the paper products in my household. Lately I've been on a recycling kick and now I even recycle the small cardboard boxes my contacts come in. Every bit counts so please do your part and recycle anything you can!

Do you save packaging? If you do, can you justify this habit? Do you recycle your empty boxes and packaging? :)


  1. OMG, I hoard packaging and I'll have it in my drawers for months and months. Then I'll look at the drawer and go "WTF am I keep this for?" *Tosses 30 empty packages in the recycle bin*

  2. YES i save packaging and its consuming my room like its some kind of pest xD hahha

    i dont know why i didn't even think about putting my packaging in my VS shopping bag...I'm gona do that right now haha xD

    for SOME reason, i just THINK that somehow i'll use the packaging later, whether it be to cut it up into storage stuff, or i'll need the ingredients list, etc. but then i never look at them again o.o....but then some of them i hold onto bc its a memory xD like i kept my NARS orgasm blush box bc it's my very first high end item i bought lol

    am i just nuts? lol

  3. I always save the packaging! I'm not sure why, since they just sit in a basket in my closet :P

  4. I save the packaging too but once every few months I'll recycle some. I think it's normal to do this :P

  5. MeiBelle: Haha, glad to know I'm not the only one who does this :D

    IchigoBunnie: I have the same exact reasons! I try to reuse things as much as possible like I use empty tissue boxes to hold my skincare and samples. I like keeping high end boxes as well because they're so well made and nice looking... even if they don't serve any purpose :)

    Jessica + Ashley: I guess we're all on the same boat! :D

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this problem =] I love the Sephora/VS bags for things like these!

  7. I keep my Sephora bags too Steph :D I keep almost all my shopping bags neatly arranged so I can reuse them.

  8. Me too! I usually keep in for the thought of the need for blogging.. though most of the time they are just sitting at a corner without being used. Haha It's cute you made a post about this! I do recycle all the cardbox boxes too!


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