In My Stash: Lip Balms

Two lip product related posts in a row? You betcha! :) Only this one is all about my lip balms which is more skincare rather than makeup. But you need well hydrated, smooth lips to get the most out of your lipsticks and glosses now don't you?

I used to believe lipbalms were the culprits behind my cold sores so I never used them But that just left me with extremely chapped, painful lips and the cold sores didn't stop. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try one out and lo' and behold, I can never be without lip balms anymore. (It turns out that sunburn was the culprit of my coldsores and I needed something with SPF). 

After trial and error with various brands and products, my favorite lip balm of all time is Softlips. The rest shown above are what I have in use at the moment and they are just okay. To find out more about each balm, watch the video below! :)


  1. i love softlips too! i loved the vanilla flavored one best! :)

  2. I love the packaging on softlips products. It's so slim and compact. My favorite is actually the Neutrogena's naturals. It's the only 1 that doesn't make my lips peel.

  3. miemiemie: That makes two of us :D

    Mara: I like the no-fuss packaging as well. The Neutrogena one is not as smooth and moisturizing as Softlips for me :(


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