Lush's Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

I knew would eventually purchase Lush's infamous, best selling soap, Honey I Washed The Kids. Formulated with honey water, rapeseed oil, coconut oil,and other ingredients necessary to make soap, Honey I Washed The Kids is meant to be soothing.

The color of the soap is a beautiful mixture of caramel and honey tones, layered under a sliver of honeycomb. The presentation of the soap makes it even more appealing and mouthwatering. The scent is sweet yet subtle. I can detect notes of honey but to be honest, it's not amazing to me. Honey I Washed The Kids has a pleasant scent but it is by no means my favorite Lush scent (that honor would have to go to Sugar Babe) and the scent does not linger on your skin.

Nonetheless, one of the things I love about Lush products is that their scents are very authentic and not over powering. They are complex and rich, not obnoxious and overpowering like most run of the mill bath products. I find that I tend to appreciate the scent of Lush products with use and even if I find the scent somewhat icky at first whiff, I tend to accept it and like it after a few uses.

This is the first soap I have tried from Lush and I asked the kind sales person if she could cut me a smaller chunk to take home. The piece she came back with was $7.18 which is quite reasonable. Using a butter knife, I easily managed to cut the soap into about 30 small pieces which each last one to two showers each. I normally cut all of my Lush products into single use pieces so that I can prevent any unnecessary melting and wastage.

Aside from the pleasant smell and aesthetic, Honey I Washed The Kids is a decent soap. It easily creates a somewhat creamy lather and makes my skin feel clean. Although over priced compared to drugstore shower gels, I find this a decent priced novelty item. I believe that Lush is an environmentally conscious company and that purchasing their somewhat over priced products has it's benefits and reasons.

If you can afford to try this soap, I would recommend it. You probably will enjoy it considering how many others swear by this soap. I don't think I would repurchase this particular soap (no need to buy more bath products for at least another month anyway) because I'm not crazy about the scent. Also, there are so many more soaps for me to try! I have a feeling I will be indulging in several splurge bath and body products this upcoming season as I want to try out some products from Lush, L'occitane, and Sabon just to name a few.

Also, if soap bars are not your thing, there is a shower gel called It's Raining Men that is supposed to have the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids. It was a limited edition item that has been brought back and made permanent due to its wild success!


  1. A lot of people like this particular soap. It's on my wishlist haha I wonder if they're going to bring back the shower gel version any time soon..

    Can't wait for your future bath & body products posts! :D

  2. Honey is becoming more and more likable despite hating the scent for ages. Also, I think cutting Lush bar soaps in smaller pieces is great for travelling purposes!

  3. I love this soap too, but I agree with you, I was expecting so much more from the scent after all the rave I've read about it! My favorite LUSH soap is The Godmother (:

  4. mandy: Thanks for reminding me! The shower gel It's Raining Men is back and permanent now! :D I will add that to the original post.

    Ashley: I think Lush makes great products for people who travel a lot because the products are easy to carry and are sometimes multitasking.

    GABY: I have to check out The Godmother next time :D


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