Mac & Drugstore Haul: Swatch Heavy!

Surprise, surprise, I'm back with another haul! In my last haul, I purchased mainly skincare and bath and body related products. This past week I've accumulated a few makeup goodies :) This post will be quite picture heavy with the swatches and all so I'll try to keep the writing to a minimum. I have also recorded a haul video so you can see some of the eyeshadow swatches better!

The drugstores were running some decent deals on Wet n' Wild and I had some extra bucks so I picked up two new lippies. These were all items I have had on my wishlist for months now so I thought it was about time to pick them up.

I have been lemming for Wet n' Wild's Silent Treatment trio for a long time now because they seemed like the PERFECT cool toned neutral colors. I love me a good taupe shade and this one has my name written all over it. It's a beautifully soft midtone taupe with a hint of purple. The other two shades were surprisingly dry and not extremely impressive. I was a bit let down but I'll make the shadows work over an eyeshadow base.

I also purchased I'm Getting Sunburned because the deep brown was calling my name, I swear.... This palette is amazing! All three colors are buttery smooth and these swatches were down with a single swipe. The shadows are soft and somewhat creamy to the touch. I wish all of the Silent Treatment shades had the same texture and color intensity as these shadows.

I purchased my third Revlon Colorburst lipstick, this time in the shade Peach. The colors are a bit off in my pictures and the lippie looks less dark and red. It's more of a subdued coral shade in real life. I have yet to try this out on my lips but so far, the consistency seems similar to the other lipsticks I have from this line, smooth and moisturizing yet providing noticeable color.

I also picked up my first lipstick from Covergirl from their somewhat new Lip Perfection line. The shade Heavenly is a cream mauve pink, a great my lips but better shade. I have yet to try this on my lips but the swatch applies evenly and easily on my skin. I have high hopes for this lippie based on other reviews I have read. I have a few more colors I want to pick up from this line if I end up liking the formula.

I have decided to cut down on my drugstore purchases (ironic since I hauled some stuff from the drugstore...) and invest in higher end makeup. The idea behind this is that I will be purchasing fewer products but ones that will be better quality and thus, more enjoyable to use. I know that a high price tag and brand name do not guarantee a great product but I do my research before buying almost everything. I dropped by Mac because their newest campaign, Mac Me Over, was released on Thursday. I picked up only three things as I really cannot afford to do a ginormous haul (not that I need to anyway).

I knew I had to get the limited eyeshadow called Carbonized from the Mac Me Over collection. This veluxe pearl finish eyeshadow is a super gorgeous dark black brown. Judging from swatches online before the actual collection release, this shade reminded me a lot of the crease shade from the Maybelline Natural Smokes Quad which I love dearly. If you can't afford Carbonized or can't find it anymore, I think the Maybelline shadow is your best drugstore dupe. The texture of Carbonized is amazing, butter smooth and super pigmented. The lighting in the picture makes the swatch look lighter than it actually is. Check out my video for a more accurate depiction of Carbonized! I am so glad I purchased it despite the $15 price tag. I hate that Mac raised their prices without warning by the way.... This is my third eyeshadow by Mac and I hope to slowly expand my collection as my wallet sees fit.

I also purchased the limited edition 226 blending eye brush which is like the 224 brush but with a tapered tip. I thought this would be a good brush for applying shadows to my non existent crease and blending out shadows on my small eyes. I'm still testing this brush out so no solid thoughts yet.

Lastly, I purchased a lipstick from the Sheen Supreme line which was introduced and made permanent a few months ago. Of course, I chose the neutral shade called Bare Again. I really wanted to get a bright shade but after changing my mind about ten times, I decided on Bare Again since I need something quick and fool proof as I won't have much time to do my makeup once school starts again.

I love the packaging of this lipstick with it's sleek, shiny exterior and sturdy weight. The lipstick is very creamy but I find that I like blending out the color with a lip brush after applying it straight from the tube. Actually, I pretty much blend my lipcolors out with a brush everytime now....

Here is how Bare Again looks on my lips by itself. I wore the lipstick by itself and while it wasn't as moisturizing as, say a lipbalm, it wasn't drying either. This lipstick looks fine by itself but I can see myself adding a clear or shimmering gloss over top just to prolong the wear a bit and give it my lips and more radiant finish. Overall, I do like this lipstick formula and plan on purchasing other shades. One downside is that because of the extremely creamy texture, I feel like it will be very easy to use up this lipstick so I have to be careful not to over apply.

To see more about these products with additional swatches, check out the video below!~

That wraps up my semi-small haul from the past week! It was nice to be able to purchase a few new goodies to try out after more than two months of not purchasing makeup. I'm pleased with everything I purchased so far and I can't wait to really test them out. What have you purchased recently? Have you tried out any of the aforementioned products before? Let me know what you think in the comments!

On a totally non beauty related note, I hope everyone on the East Coast is well after the earthquake on Tuesday and the imminent approach of Hurricane Irene. Stay safe everyone!


  1. Carbonized is such a pretty color. It looks dupable but definitely a good find.

  2. I have at least five shadows similar to Carbonized but I can't resist a rich, chocolate dark brown eyeshadow XD


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