Summer Casual OOTD

To be honest I kind of ran out ideas for upcoming beauty blog posts which do not include videos.... I intend to haul soon so I will have a few items to review and talk about more in depth soon though. For now, I only have an outfit of the day :)

Top - Express
Cardigan - Forever21
Shorts - Zara
Purse - Zara
Sandals - Gap
Bracelet - H&M

Excuse my super poor quality photograph. I had no chance to snap up a good picture in the morning when the sun was still shining so I had to take this picture around seven o'clock on a gloomy-ish day. This is what I wore to my internship which has no dress code (or none that I am aware of). I would where this to a casual lunch or dinner as well. Also, I was super excited that day because I finally tied my hair up into a bun! You may think that's a strange thing to be excited about but after I cut my hair (which I talked about HERE with pictures) I could not tie it up for months. By the way, the Sephora shopping bag contained the remnants of my lunch and the book I am currently reading and not a haul :(

Here is a closer look (in true color) of what I was wearing. I really liked how the ruffly, floral top gave my outfit a bit more texture as did the shorts. You can also better see the bracelet I was wearing which I currently LOVE. It has brown (faux?) leather straps with gold metal plates in sections of the band and the whole bracelet clips around my wrist.

So, that's that! My next post will probably be a video that I prerecorded the same time I did my last video so stay tuned! I would gladly appreciate any ideas for posts that you guys might like to see :)


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