Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration & Luminizing Black Mask Reviews

Lately I've been rushing out the door sans makeup because I'd rather get to sleep for 15 minutes longer and because quite honestly, my skin has been looking and feeling sensitive and super acne prone. I'm almost definitely sure that it's hormonal acne because there's always a week during the month when my face is covered in huge zits. It takes the next three weeks for the scars to heal and then the vicious cycle repeats.... Oh, lucky me.

The Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15 Moisturizer was part of this year's Sephora Sun Safety Kit. This is currently my daytime moisturizer because the SPF 15 is just the right amount for me since I pretty much only spend time outdoors when I'm walking to and from the train station to school, work, home, etc. This moisturizer is super lightweight with a slightly runny texture. It smooths onto the skin very easily and absorbs quickly which I love. It does not make my oily skin oilier but it does not keep my oils at bay throughout the day. The biggest downfall of this product, which is the reason why I will not buy the full size, is the scent. This has an annoyingly "natural" scent which is hard to ignore. It reminds me of mushrooms as strange as that sounds. I love eating mushrooms but I don't want my moisturizer to smell like them.

The other product is Boscia's infamous Luminizing Black Mask which is only available through Sephora. Thankfully this product does not have a nauseating scent like the moisturizer. Nonetheless there is a detectable scent that is somewhat minty. The mask is relatively simple to use. Just squeeze out the product onto your finger and apply a layer on your skin. I put enough so that the mask is opaque yet not too thick. If you apply the right amount, the mask should harden in about 15 to 20 minutes and be easy to peel off. I feel no pain when I peel off the mask so if you have sensitive skin, this should be fine.

I assumed this mask would work similarly to the Biore Nose Strips which pull out all the gunk that's stuck deep down in the pores. However, the Boscia mask doesn't seem to pull out anything but tiny hairs and a few flakes of dead skin. I normally apply the mask onto my forehead, the inner parts of my cheek on the sides of my nose, and my chin. I usually don't bother applying the mask to my entire face because I feel like it doesn't do much in the way of drawing out the impurities. The only difference I see after using the mask is that the areas of my face that I covered are more matte after the mask is removed. The pores do seem a bit more refined although this effect is temporary.

If you expect this mask to do wonders for your skin, you better look elsewhere. Don't expect this to pull out blackheads or whiteheads. You're better off using a regular nose strip or The Face Shop's White Mud Nose Pack. Maybe it's because I exfoliate weekly that I don't have as much buildup in my pores but overall, the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask wasn't all that great. It's a nice product once in awhile to give your skin a gentle pick me up but for the price and performance, I will not buy the full size. I'm glad I got to try out the mini because I had this on my wishlist.

If I were to recommend one product out of the two, it would be the moisturizer. Aside from the horrible smell, the Boscia Oil Free Daily Hydration is a good product. The Luminizing Black Mask is a safe skip but it's still a Sephora best seller. As always, skincare is very personal and it really depends on your skin type and what your personal preferences are. These are just my personal opinions and feelings on these products. Let me know if you've tried these products before and what you think about them! Have you tried other Boscia products? Tell me about any products you like or didn't like from Boscia in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for the review love!
    I've wondered about these products :)

  2. You're very welcome MSodapop :) Glad this post helped!

  3. So far, I've really been loving the Boscia products that I tried. I love the peeling mask though. I don't expect it to remove any blackhead but my skin feels very smooth and polished after I peel off the dead skin.

  4. Pang: I think I just prefer exfoliating as opposed to a peeling mask :) My face looks more matte after I peel the mask off but it's not a lasting effect :(


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