Depotting NYX Jumbo Pencils

I have a soft spot for DIY projects whether it be making jewelry or depotting makeup. Usually I can't be bothered depotting my makeup and I often like original packaging. However, I didn't want to buy a special pencil sharpener for my NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils and I tend to sharpen a lot of product away. To minimize waste and just because I was quite bored, I decided to try depot these cream shadows into empty Lush sample containers.

The before... and after. You can see that depotting is a messy endeavor, another reason why I don't depot often.  I used a candle to melt the product as that seemed like the most easy and safe way. There are a variety of methods on how to depot these pencils on Youtube so check those out for other methods.

You want to be sure to remove the metal cap at the end of the pencil so that the product can drip out of the tube. I heated the whole stick and extracted the product out of both ends of the stick by tapping it gently back and forth into the containers. This is probably not the most effective, economical way as the product has a tendency to drip everywhere. A few seconds above the flame melts the product really easily so if you're patient, you can just wait for the product to drip out by itself. You will know when you're done because the stick will be hollow. 

The colors I depotted are Cottage Cheese, Iced Mocha, and Yogurt (left to right in the picture of the containers). As you can tell, the product settled and dried  into strange shapes but it doesn't really bother me. I like that I can now easily dip my finger into the pot and that I do not have to worry about sharpening the pencils. Since the containers I used are all identical, I stuck some stickers on them to differentiate them. They're super random but they sort of make sense if you think about it because cottage cheese contains milk, iced mocha is a type of coffee, and I really like to eat yogurt.

So far the consistency of the shadows have not changed but I'm a bit worried they might dry out sooner than they would have if they were in pencil form because the containers are not air tight. I'll have to try to use these up quickly then, won't I? :)


  1. It looks a little messy there. I actually prefer them in pencil form. I find it more convenient. I like how you labeled them though, that was pretty cute and creative!

  2. wow this is very informative thanks!! i always depot all my products because i hate wasting them!

  3. Pang: They do look messier in the pot than in the pencil. But if you're super careful with melting it, melt the whole thing afterward and let it set, it should look better. I think the pencil form is convenient until you have to sharpen it :)

    Oreleona: I'm happy you found this helpful! Sometimes I go into a depotting mode where I depot several things at once but normally I like original packaging :D

  4. I don't own any and have never tried, but I have seen people use hairdryers to depot them, it looks easier and less messy!

  5. JW: Ohh, that's good to know! I've also seen a microwave method that look pretty neat as well. I might try a different method if I ever need to depot more :)

  6. That's so clever! I got a white one and i can't find a big enough pencil sharper for it. So i will definitely do this instead of throwing it out ^^

  7. Maria May: Yay! Glad you found this post before you tossed the pencil :D


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