Perricone MD's No Foundation Foundation

I'm all for makeup products which claim to make me look polished yet natural as I tend to wear subdued, albeit somewhat boring, makeup. Perricone MD's No Foundation Foundation is an interesting product as it claims to provide natural coverage while containing good-for-your skin ingredients meant to combat aging. Retailing at $50 for one fluid ounce, this stuff better work! I purchased this as part of Sephora's "In the Glow" set which was $36 and the Perricone MD foundation was a 0.5 ounce bottle so I did not pay full price.

In terms of packaging, Perricone MD is doing something right. I like the sleek design of the frosted glass bottle which is weighty but not too heavy. It can be cumbersome if you travel frequently or if you are prone to breaking things. I accidentally knocked over the bottle from my vanity which is a good four or five feet off my carpeted floor and it did not shatter though. The pump is easy to use and I can easily dispense however much of the product I want. One full pump is what i normally use to cover my entire face.

I basically use this as a tinted moisturizer after my skincare routine and concealer. I pump out the product onto my fingertips, warm it up between my fingers and apply straight to my face. I usually start with my cheeks and run the excess product along my forehead, chin, and nose. The consistency is similar to a lightweight moisturizer so it is pretty easy to blend but it dries quickly do you have to work fast. I have tried using a brush to apply this but i find that the bristles pick up and trap too much of the product.

After using this I can see why it's touted as a no foundation foundation. The coverage is minimal but it is there because my complexion is noticeably more even. This product only comes in one universal shade but i can see very light and very dark skintones having a problem with this. The product has a slight orange tinge which is fine for me in the summer but I don't think I will reach for this during the winter when I am more pale. The product imparts a dewiness that looks healthy and natural without looking greasy. In fact, I notice that my usually oily skin gets less greasy when I wear this product which is surprising. I have not had any negative reactions or breakouts from using this product. I set this with a light dusting of powder but I can see normal and dry skinned people wearing it alone.

I am not experiencing any drastic signs of aging as I'm still pretty young so I can't say if this is reducing my non existent wrinkles. The SPF 30 is probably why they are marketing it as an anti-aging product since sunscreen is your best weapon against premature aging. I still think you should wear sunscreen separately from your makeup but if you can't be bothered, this is a nice product for you. One last note is the smell because I know many people are put off by bad smelling products. Unfortunately this does have an unpleasant smell which is very detectable upon application and a few minutes afterward. Some have said it smells fishy but I don't know how I would describe it. After around half an hour I can't seem to smell it on my face so it's something I can live with.

If you have nice, light medium to medium dark skin and want an easy to use tinted moisturizer, Perricone MD's No Foundation Foundation may be a good product for you. If you want a real foundation with at least medium coverage, you should probably spend your $50 elsewhere. This is a nice to have product for when your skin is feeling healthy and you just need a quick pick me up whether you have oily, normal, or dry skin. Personally, I will not shell out the $50 for the full sized bottle just because I prefer a teeny bit more coverage and the shade will not suit me year round.


  1. I actually really liked this product, which I also got from the In The Glow set. I usually go for a medium/full coverage foundation but after trying this. I find that it works just as good on me and also love how natural it looks. I don't love the smell but I can tolerate it for the pleasant result.

  2. Same here Pang! Even though I have a lot of acne scarring and spots, this seems to help even out my skin in general rather than target those spots.


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