Lush's Buffy Body Butter: Slay Away Flaky Skin!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you're probably well aware that while I have oily skin on my face, my body is prone to being rough and dry. Thus, I'm constantly looking for the next best thing in terms of exfoliating and moisturizing my body. Lush's Body Butters caught my attention because they have both steps all in one product. I purchased Buffy, their best selling body butter, which contains ground rice, almonds, aduki beans, cocoa butter, shea butter, among other ingredients. The price of a bar varies depending on the size you choose; $11.95 for 3.3 oz. or $22.95 for 7 oz. I chose the smaller bar as I wanted to see if I really liked it before paying for the larger bar.

When the bar is new and unused, it can be a bit difficult to feel the scrubby bits. But the moisturizing base is very emollient and rubbing the bar across your skin will immediately rub off the smooth surface layer. You can see the tiny particles, which are quite coarse and somewhat abrasive, embedded into the solid lotion. I gently rub the bar all over my body in the shower as the last step before I'm ready to turn the water off. After I'm completely scrubbed, I hop into the running water to rinse off the scrubby particles on my skin. The scrubby bits rinse off easily, leaving you with smooth and moisturized skin! I don't have to use a body lotion after my shower which saves me time and I go to bed with smooth, supple skin. I use this scrub once to twice a week depending on how my skin is feeling.

One thing I don't enjoy about this product is the scent. It's hard to explain but it's just not good.... I'm horrible at describing scents and to each their own but Buffy just doesn't smell appealing. You'll have to sniff it for yourself to see if you like it. Another point I should mention is that because the lotion is so emollient, you should be careful not to place this in a warm place or put it directly under running water as it will melt. I estimate that the bar will last me around ten to fifteen uses which is not bad but not entirely affordable for everyone either. Then again, I consider Lush quite higher end in comparison to mass marketed and manufactured bath and shower products.

Nonetheless, I do really like this product and I can see myself loving this even more as the colder weather approaches. I really like how this saves me time in the bathroom and that it is made with natural ingredients. I am looking forward to purchasing Aqua Mirabilis which is another Lush body butter with the hope that I will like that scent more.

This is the last review for the recent batch of Lush products I purchased last month. I have recently reviewed Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar, and Whoosh Shower Jelly. I filmed a video summarizing my feelings on all four of these products so if you want a quick run down of these products, check out the video below!


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