Lush's Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar

If you showed me one of Lush's solid shampoo bar a year ago, I would've thought you were showing me some sort of rice cake full of herbs and drenched in food coloring. These solid shampoo bars are preservative free, packaging free, and they work pretty much the same as a normal liquid shampoo would, suds and all. I was curious to try out one of these unique bars (or discs I should say) partly because of the odd concept and partially because I wanted to find a greener, healthier way to wash my hair.

I chose the bright yellow disc they call Godiva because it's one of their best sellers and because my friend M loves the scent. The fragrant jasmine notes are feminine yet not overly done. For some reason the scent reminds me of some sort of Chinese tea which is pleasant and soothing. The scent is definitely noticeable and does linger in your hair a bit. All of the shampoo bars cost between $8.95 and $10.95 for 1.9 ounces of product Godiva being $10.95. They are supposed to last between 60 to 80 washes which translates to roughly four months for me since I wash my hair about every other day. Not a bad price if it actually works right? Right.

Luckily, I happen to really enjoy Godiva. I simply wet the bar and run it across my wet hair about three to four times. I'm left with enough product on my head to foam up into a nice lather. I quickly make sure to put the bar away from the shower head as this product will quickly disintegrate if it meets water. Lush sells a solid shampoo tin for $3.95 (they no longer do the deal where you can get one free if you buy two bars) but I opted to find my own storage solution. It turns out that these solid shampoo bars fit PERFECTLY into the Lush fresh face mask containers! The mask containers have a screw on top which I prefer to the tin anyway and you can recycle the mask containers (five empty black pots gets you a free face mask at Lush)!

Anyways, back to the actual product. Godiva is supposed to be both a cleansing and conditioning shampoo for "normal" hair because it has cocoa butter and shea butter among it's ingredients. A variety of oils also can be found in the ingredients list which sounds like it'd be a very moisturizing shampoo. While I can't bear not to use a conditioner after Godiva, I do feel that my hair is noticeable softer. Just for the record, I use a cheap-y drugstore conditioner (although that might change in the near future as I want to try out some of Lush's conditioners now!) so the only thing I've changed in my hair care routine is my shampoo. I used to get that greasy feeling when I have second day hair (from not being washed daily). But after using Godiva, my second day hair feels just as good as when my hair is freshly washed. My hair feels clean but not stripped which I am very, very happy about.

All in all, Godiva is not only eco-friendly and fun to use but a true winner. Only time will tell how long this bar will actually last me but I will be sure to update this post and tell you guys. I highly recommend this product and will repurchase this again after I have tried out the other solid shampoo bars. I've had a few on my wishlist even before purchasing Godiva, namely Seanik (Big shampoo in solid form?) and Trichomania. Have you tried Lush's hair care products? Do you have any you'd like to recommend me?


  1. This is such a great review. I have never tried or thought about trying a shampoo bar. Who knew? LOL. Anyways please let us know how long it lasts and if the results are worth the $$. :)

  2. I'll definitely update you on how much I love this product once it runs out Mara :D I think this is one of my favorite Lush products to date!

  3. How unique..It seems strange to use :X I wonder if it would work well for me since I tend to use a lot of shampoo and my hair is really dense and thick =\
    Please update on how long it actually lasts! It seems interesting :]

  4. mandy: It does seem strange at first but it's very simple to use! I don't have very thick hair myself but I don't see why you can't use it. A few swipes gives me a nice lather so you would probably have to do a few more swipes than me but you'd still have the bar for at least a month. I will update when I finish this product1! :D

  5. Thanks for the review. I'm gonna have to check it out next time I go to Lush. I'm curious to smell it now.


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