Fall 2011 Fashion Haul

Every few weeks I go through phases where nothing in my closet interests me in the slightest and I feel as if I gravitate towards the same few pieces daily. It bores and bothers me constantly. During these times, I just can't think straight until I quash the need to go out and spend some dough. I was having these exact feelings about a week ago and I had a day off and some money to spend.... So I hit up Forever21 and DSW to look for some new pieces for this season.

I try not to buy too many things from Forever21 simply because the quality is usually shoddy and I try to invest in better made clothing. Key word: try. The dirt cheap prices at Forever21 usually get the best of me. I rarely spend over $15 on a single item from their store and I do not order online as I need to see the clothing in real life to check the sewing, fit, and whatnot. For the past few months I've been lemming for a blush pink blazer and Forever21 happened to have a few different styles. Out of three different kinds of pink colored blazers, I only found a single one in a size small! I actually like the blazer a lot and although it was $28, more than what I would normally spend on something from Forever21, it's a bargain for a piece of outerwear. I wish it were a bit more snug but I can't complain.

The dress I am wearing above is another item I picked up and it was only $13.50! Dirt cheap! I actually really like this dress as the material is quite thick and the cream color is very flattering. I can't wait to create different looks with this one piece. It has short sleeves so it's easy to wear this under a blazer or cardigan or just by itself.

Forever21 comes up with really cute jewelry pieces and I appreciate the variety of styles they come up with. Although the quality is under whelming, the styles make up for it. Some of the pieces were under $3 so I can't complain too much! I love dainty jewelry and was in need of new accessories so these fit the bill nicely.

These are only a few of my purchases. To see everything I bought, please watch the video below! Let me know if you guys like seeing more fashion related posts :) I actually really enjoyed filming the fashion haul video and I think I'm getting much more comfortable talking to the camera! I'm pretty sure I will purchase a new camera with HD video capabilities before the month is up so stay tuned for that!


  1. Nice haul! I love the things you bought <3 wish we had forever21 here :(

  2. Thanks for reading Maria :) Maybe you can order online from Forever21? :(

  3. awesome video!!! it's making me want to blog outfit posts again hehe =D

  4. Thankyou :) It makes me really happy that you want to blog again!


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