Recent Favorites // September & October 2011

Sorry for the long wait for this post! I recorded this a week ago but the video upload failed on three separate occasions so I didn't have time to post this until now. I can't believe it's already November and that the holiday season is approaching! With the start of the month, that means the end of another which means a monthly favorites post! I skipped my September favorites last month but for the most part I used the same products into October as well. I have reviewed and swatched several of these products before so I will link the reviews below (just click on the name of the products).

Lancome Effacernes Concealer in Clair II - I reviewed and swatched this already so I won't go into depth about it again. It's an all around great concealer for under the eyes as well as spots and acne scars.

Urban Decay Eyeliner in Bourbon - This was mostly a September favorite but in general, it is one of my favorite eyeliners in my collection. It is a brown eyeliner with flecks of gold glitter. As with the other Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, Bourbon is smooth and pigmented.

Maybelline Chai Latte - This is one of the best basic, neutral drugstore eyeshadow quads. I have proclaimed my love for the Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadows already so must I say more?

ELF Studio Bronzer - I believe I had this duo in one of my favorites from last year. I have come to the conclusion that I actually don't care much for the blush in this duo because the powder is not finely milled and it does not last a long time on my face. On the other hand, the bronzer is very smooth and pigmented with decent staying power. Although there is shimmer in the bronzer, it is not apparent once applied onto my skin.

Nars Deep Throat Blush - I purchased this recently but after just one swipe of this blush, I was in love. The shade is a beautiful light peachy pink and the pigments are so finely milled it's unbelievable. I couldn't quite capture the beauty of this blush in a photo but you can see my swatch it in my recent haul video (and in the favorites video I will post below). I cannot wait until I can justify splurging on more Nars blushes. They are definitely pricey but the quality is there. 

Tarte LipSurgence Swank - This has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of bright lips. If you've been reading this blog since day one, you'll know that I'm partial to nude and baby pink pouts. Swank has totally changed my outlook on lip colors and I'm beginning to explore the rest of the lipstick color wheel. Love, love, love this product! You can read more about it (with swatches) in my previous review.

Burt's Bees Chapstick - I am an avid user of lipbalm as I hate chapped lips and Burt's Bees never fails. I've been adoring this lipbalm over my Softlips recently. I think it has to do with the minty sensation from Burt's Bees that I don't get from any of my other lip balms.

Dior J'adore - I'm not typically into scents and perfumes usually either smell all the same or too strong. J'adore is sweet, feminine, and light. It is perrrrfect! The scent instantly brightens up my day and I really want to purchase a full size in the future.

What were your favorites for the past month? Let me know in the comments below! :)


  1. nars deep throat and lancome's concealer are my favorite too from ur list :)

  2. NARS Deep Throat is a winner! i wear it all winter!

  3. Chai Latte looks gorgeous, I love my neutrals!

  4. I love the ELF bronzer, it perfectly pigmented and super affordable!

  5. OH great favs,! thanks for sharing.. i love elf products

    CMPang x

  6. MEOW: Great to hear you love 'em too!

    Lilladylife: I can't believe it took me so long to jump on the Nars bandwagon! I seriously love Deep Throat sooo much :D

    GABY: Chai Latte is super simple but it really is gorgeous. If it were in fancier packaging, I'm sure it could pass as a high end quad.

    Glitz Glam: Yup! Not sure if I want to repurchase because the blush really puts me off though :(

    Mai: Glad you liked this post :D

  7. Nice favorites! Deep throat is on my wishlisht! It is indeed very pretty.


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