Exfolikate: Is It Worth The $85 Price Tag?

Exfolikate was one of the products I was most excited to test out in the Sephora In The Glow Kit. The kid is no longer sold but Exfolikate is a permanent product from Kate Somerville. This facial exfoliant is touted to be one of the best on the market because it is gentle yet effective and uses both physical and chemical exfoliators to smooth the skin. It definitely is a luxury skin care product as a 2.5 ounce tube of Exfolikate retails for $85. The .5 oz size which I have retails for $19 which is actually a better deal than the normal tube. The tube seems like it contains a lot of product but the product only reaches about the "e" in Kate (the bigger text running the length of the tube). The packaging is extremely misleading as the product only fills one third of the tube.

The good news is you only need a pea sized amount. The amount shown above is how much I used during my first application and I applied way too much. That amount is good for two uses. I use an exfoliant one a week so this probably will last me quite some time. The suggested directions are shown above and I follow them as stated. I feel a bit of tingling when I use this but it does not hurt or burn in any way. The tingling is normal but some people might not like that sensation.

The green scrub has a "natural" scent which reminds me of some kind of candy or fruit. The scent does not bother me as it isn't overpowering but it definitely is noticeable. Looking at the ingredients list, I do not see any signs of an added perfume but I could be wrong so do not quote me on that.

As for results... I do think this makes my skin a bit softer. But just a bit. Exfolikate is a nice weekly treat for my skin but I won't be running out to pay another $19 for such a small tube. The Olay Microdermabrasion Treatment pretty much does the same thing but with larger and more scrubbing particles which means a more thorough scrub. However, those with sensitive skin will like the Exfolikate better and right now my skin actually can't handle the Olay treatment because the weather is dry. Exfoliating is an essential part in any skincare routine so it's no wonder the market is saturated with hundreds (probably more like thousands) of products like Exfolikate with a more palatable pricetag. If you have the money for Exfolikate and have sensitive skin, I would say give it a try. But if you're not willing or able to throw down a whole lot for one item in your skincare, you aren't missing much.


  1. I'm still in search of a HG exfoliator, but $85 is a little too much for me. There's so many exfoliators on the market, I'm sure there's one that weighs up a little better in terms of quality and price. Thanks for sharing this review!

  2. I agree Stacey. $85 just doesn't make sense when Exfolikate isn't the only exfoliator around.... I'm not sure why people buy into the hype :/


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