Fall Nail Favorite: Sephora's "I'm on the List"

"I'm on the List" was the first mini I chose to wear from Sephora by OPI's Manhattan Minis Nail Polish Set. The shade is a darkened cool toned green and is definitely unique in my relatively small polish collection (I have around 20 bottles of polish). The picture of above makes the color look very dark but it all depends on the lighting. Most of the time the shade appears lighter and more green. You can see how it looks in regular lighting in my most recent haul video HERE. I received at least five compliments with this nail color on so it's definitely a favorite shade at the moment.

I applied about two coats on each nail and achieved full coverage but I went over a nail or two with one more coat just to even everything out. The formula is light and thin, yet still opaque. I experienced minimal chipping and tip wear on the third day but overall the wear was good.

I am highly impressed with this nail polish in terms of both color and wear. I can't wait to try out the other shades in the set and will look into buying some of the other Sephora by OPI sets in the future!


  1. it nice shade (:, always good with nail varnish that have miminal chipping^^

    CMPang x

  2. that's a pretty shade, and minimal chipping is always a good thing you sold me on this nail polish! :D


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