Fall OOTD: Old and New

I really enjoy the fall season because I love layering my clothing. Due to the brisk, fall weather in New York City, I have been practically living in my scarves and blazers. When I think of a fall outfit I usually think of a romantic, soft color palette which I enjoy wearing a lot. I wore a bunch of somewhat recently acquired pieces the other day and took advantage of the beautiful Central Park scenery to film an outfit of the day.

What I'm Wearing:
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklaces - American Eagle and Tiffany&Co.
Earrings, Scarf, and Blazer - Forever21
Sweater and shorts - Gap
Leggings - Uniqlo
Flats - Rocketdog (Marshalls)
Bag - Longchamp
Coat - Cole Haan (Marshalls; not pictures, see video!)

On a totally unrelated note (but it must be addressed), I have noticed an increased number of comments on my blog with links to outside blogs. To be honest, it irks me when people put links to their blogs at the end of comments because it comes across as a kind of advertisement. I would much rather view someone's profile and check out their blog if they leave an interesting, thoughtful comment. Please do not advertise your blogs. From now on, any comments with a link to a personal blog (unless it is relevant to the contents of the post you are commenting on) will be deleted and removed from this site.


  1. Romantic colors are my favorite :) You look lovely with the big scarf and black leggings.

  2. seriously. that whole self promoting mentality is what turned me off from blogging in the fashion blogosphere (and now i just write random things! hehe). I don't get that sense at all from your blog. =D i'm studying at the nypl right now... hope ur weekend's going well~

  3. Awww This is such a pretty outfit! I love it! Great style and looks so sophisticated. I'm gonna have to try wearing shorts with tights. To be honest that had never crossed my mind. On a side note, I totally understand what you mean with the blog advertisement...That is such an inappropriate way to get followers. What annoys me the most is when they tell me to follow them and then they'll follow me back...WTH!

  4. Rainy Days: Then we definitely have similar styles :) Thanks!

    Emy: I like your random posts though :) The self promoting annoys me but I won't stop what I enjoy just because a few people are ruining the blogosphere. Hope your studying is productive!

    Pang: I wear shorts and skirts a lot in the fall and winter time by wearing tights and leggings underneath! Shorts are much better for windy days though haha. Nine times out of ten I will not check out that person's blog, much less follow them! I get the random-est friend requests and "follow backs" on Youtube and it's very frustrating... It just makes no sense!

  5. I love your Marc Jacobs watch!! So nice!
    And I really like wearing circle scarves in winter, they're so warm!

  6. Thanks Stacey! I used to not wear watches but now I love the one I have :) I get tons of compliments on it whenever I wear it haha. You should post some OOTDs on your blog! I'd love to see your style :D


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