Fashion & Beauty Hauling: TheBalm, Lush, Julep, Zara, H&M, and more!

As you can tell by the title, this will be a haul post.... enough said. I feel like I have done a gajillion haul posts recently because this is the third batch of things I purchased in December. What can I say? I love shopping, scoring great deals, and sharing my finds with you all!

I am currently going through a "fashion phase" and I want to purge my wardrobe of unworn pieces and restock my closet with pieces that I truly love. I can never seem to find a good way to photograph clothing pieces unless I'm wearing it in an outfit so the above will give you an idea of what I purchased. You can watch the video at the end of this post to find out what each of the pieces are!

I bought these snake print flats at Zara and I am in love with them! I am trying to expand my shoe collection into something I am proud of but I am extremely picky with shoes and I can never find ones I like that are worth the money. I can say that I really like these flats a lot and you will definitely see them in future outfits!

At TJ Maxx I spotted many The Balm products which I have been wanting to try for a long time. Unfortunately many of the packages are usually ripped open so the products are swatched, broken, and just plain disgusting. I was about to check out without picking up any makeup but a few of these sets were near the check out line with safety tags and all! They were unopened and untampered with so I had to buy this as it was only $23!

The pigmentation on these powders are incredible as I had expected them to be. The blush is one of those Nars Orgasm dupes and I can already tell you I'll probably love it. The bronzer is matte and very dark so it will probably get more love during the summer. Even at retail price, these retail for only $19 which is a bargain compared to other high end blushes! I highly recommend The Balm and will definitely try to pick up more items from them in the future. I tried the stain on the back of my hand and it really did stain my hand for a few hours.... I will do a full review on it once I have played around with it more.

Lush does a BOGO sale after Christmas to clear out their inventory and I stopped by to pick up some soap. I purchased Snow Globe, a limited edition soap, and Bohemian Body which is permanent. I had never heard anyone rave about Bohemian Body and I have no idea why because it has an amazing scent. Both of these soaps are citrus based but Bohemian Body has a very gentle and calming scent as well. I have a very strong feeling that it will be my favorite Lush soap!

Lastly, I subscribed to Julep Maven which is a subscription service similar to Birchbox. They had an offer where you could get a box for only one cent so of course I had to jump on the deal. I believe they are now doing a promotion where you can get a box for $5 which is still a good deal.

I have yet to try out the nail polishes as I am giving my nails a bit of a break from all the toxins and whatnot. I will definitely post swatches and a review once I have tried them out!

Check out the video below to see everything that I purchased! The fashion bits are definitely my favorite part of this haul but it's a lot easier showing the pieces quickly in a video rather than wearing each item and whatnot! Also, I am wearing Illamasqua's Cream Blush in Rude, which I reviewed in my previous post, in the following video. I am planning to do a "how I apply cream blush" video soon so stayed tuned!


  1. such cute flats! i love the strapping detail. i always hate how tjmaxx's stock of theBalm is usually always tainted! glad you walked out with a few unscathed goods!

  2. I really like your flats. They're so unique! Everything about it is unique and something I'd look for :D

  3. kellyyes: Thanks! I'm always so sad when I see a perfectly good makeup product that has a swatch mark on it because SOMEONE couldn't keep their hands to themselves :( On a side note, I've been a silent reader of your blog for awhile (no idea why I never followed >.<) so it totally made my day that you discovered my blog! ^^

    Rainy Days: Thankyou :) I think we have really similar taste in things!!

  4. Ooooh which TJ Maxx is this? I've been hunting in NYC and I can't find any makeup at any of them!

  5. It's the one on 6th Ave and 19th street! It's in the same building as Marshalls and Bed Bath & Beyond :)

  6. You scored some really nice theBalm products. I love your flats! They are different from most flats I see and the snake prints makes them look more interesting.

  7. Great haul! I love those zara flats but I haven't been able to find them anywhere!

  8. Pang: Yup, I really want to try out more of their products now! I'm really picky with shoes so I'm glad I found those flats :)

    Vida: I found those at the Zara in 5th Ave and 18th street. They only had a few pairs left and I snatched up the last ones in my size. A lot of their shoes look nice but almost all the ones I have tried on are not comfy at all :(


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