Nars Cruising Lipstick: The Perfect Sheer Nude?

Nars is quickly becoming one of the makeup brands I enjoy hauling from the most. They have a wide range of not only products but colors as well. The packaging is sleek and classy, although some hate it because it is a magnet for grubby fingerprint marks. 

Cruising is my first Nars lipstick and it is described as a sheer nude pink by Sephora. Nars lipsticks come in three formulas: sheer, matte, and satin. I prefer moisturizing and sheer formulas so I wanted my first Nars lippie to be "safe". If you are familiar with Nars products you will know that the prices are not pocket friendly; one lipstick will set you back 24 bucks.

This particular lippie was actually a birthday gift from my friend M so I don't feel too bad about the splurge (although she thinks I'm insane). In the tube Cruising looks quite boring and a definite my lips but better shade. I can somewhat see very small, fine shimmers throughout the bullet but once on the lips, these shimmers are unnoticeable.

Cruising is very sheer indeed as I passed the lipstick across my lips a few times to get this pigmentation. This shade tones down the color of my lips the tiniest bit to enough to give me a nude lip look. If you like sheer lip colors like I do, you probably will enjoy Nars Cruising. 

The formula glides on smoothly and feels quite hydrating (I almost always apply lip balm before any lip products though). You can see above that there is a sheen on my lips so you do not necessarily have to apply a gloss over top of this to get a glossy finish. After a few hours of wear, the lipstick settled into my lip lines and actually felt like it was drying out my lips. I have pretty sensitive lips though so it could just be me. This issue can probably be eliminated if you top off the lipstick with a gloss.

I wish Cruising was an eensy bit more pigmented and that it did not dry out my lips because the price point is so high. I have a feeling I will get a lot of use out of this as you can never go overboard with applying it and it looks very natural. I have a strange urge to make everything "even" in my makeup collection so I tend to have 2, 4, 6, etc. of any kind of product.... That means I will probably need to pick up a few more Nars lipsticks just to even out my collection. It's very strange and perhaps it's some sort of psychological trick I play on myself to spend more money. But at the same time I like to test out a few shades in a line before I formulate a full review on the entire product line. Have you guys tried Nars lipsticks? If so, do you like them and which are your favorite shades?


  1. very pretty. i have no nars lipsticks since i am not a huge lipstick wearer but i do eventually want to try some out. i want dolce vita! i am more partial to the sheer shades too, easier to wear for novices like myself!

  2. kellyyes: I wasn't a big lip product person until quite recently so I'm slowly weening myself off eye makeup in order to acquire more cheek and lip products! I actually bought the Dolce Vita lipstick for my mom back in December for her birthday :D I didn't wear it but I love the gloss so I'm pretty sure the lipstick is fabulous too!

  3. Your right! It is beautiful and you will definitely get alot of use out of this. I love easy to wear lipstick like this one.

  4. i think it is quite pretty for daytime!!! i love NARS lipsticks my favorite shade is dolce vita!

  5. That looks gorgeous on you! Personally I'm not a big lip fan, because like you I have sensitive lips, but I can never resist buying lipsticks/glosses/balms because they're just so..... pretty. :o
    I definitely want to try a NARS lipstick, since I love their blushes.

  6. This is definitely MLBB type of shade. I only have one NARS lippie and it's Niagara. Feels nice on the lips and is a bit more pigmented. I like the formula but personally I would want a color that shows a little more.

  7. Mara: I have a lot of issues applying most lipsticks because they don't seem to glide on as well as this one does so this is perfect for me. I tend to go for more wearable colors when I buy expensive makeup because I want to get my money's worth!

    Lilladylife: Like I said in a previous comment, I actually bought that shade for my mom XD Maybe I'll get it in the future.... I'll force myself to use up the Dolce Vita lipgloss I have first!

    JW: Thanks! I've been taking better care of my lips in recent years by drinking more water and applying more lipbalm so my lips have been a bit more cooperative. You're very right about the lip products being so pretty I can't resist!

    Pang: I have Niagara on my wishlist atm (what don't I have on my wishlist?!) and I'm glad it's more pigmented than Cruising. :)

  8. This seems quite sheer, but I can see why you would wear this on a day-to-day basis. And I love NARS! I like the matte packaging too but really bad for fingerprints.


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