Before The Bouncy Blushes...

There were mousse blushes. Maybelline has recently come out with their Dream Bouncy Blushes which have intrigued many a beauty junkie due due to their peculiar consistency. With the introduction of a new product means that there is that much less shelf space for Maybelline's older Dream Mousse Blushes which are now discontinued. I picked up Soft Plum during CVS's last clearance sale just to see if these were any good as I have never tried out a mousse blush before.

The ingredients list looks a bit sketchy as I see "dimethicone" peppered about several times at the beginning of the list. This is definitely not one of those "good for your skin" makeup products but then again, Maybelline never tauted it to be healthy by any means. I dislike the feeling of silicone based products and using silicone primers and the like tend to break me out so just a heads up to those of you with similar issues.

The color is lighter and pinker than what I was expecting. This is not at all how I pictured a plum to look but all is well since I don't want to risk looking like I have a bruised cheek. The color in the glass pot is very pretty to look at and there are small shimmer particles suspended in the mousse.

I find the easiest way to apply this is just by dabbing a bit of product onto your ring finger and tapping that across your cheeks. The mousse is very lightweight and it blends away very easily into a satin powder finish. While that can be a good thing because the result is very natural, I can hardly see any color once I have blended out the blush. The swatch above was not fully blended out but the few times I have tried wearing this on my cheeks, I could barely tell I had any color at all. I wish this was more pigmented because the texture is lovely and I did not notice any skin irritation despite the copious amounts of silicone in the product. I guess I will just have to layer on more of this product to compensate for its lack of pigmentation. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise since these blushes are discontinued and if I had fallen in love with these, it would be a hassle to get my hands on them!

Have you tried any of these blushes? If so, what are your opinions on them?


  1. i have like two of these but dont like them at all...they are so light and dont last on my skin

    1. I tried wearing this today and packed on more product to get it to show up. It showed up and lasted a good amount of time but I didn't quite like how the shimmers seemed to sink into my pores :(

  2. We don't have those blushes in my store yet! :O but they seems awesome. Love how vibrant the color is. I might get them when they arrive ^^

    1. These blushes are being discontinued so I don't know if you can get them where you are right now. The Maybelline Bouncy Blushes look different and are a different product altogether so maybe you should look into those :)


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