The Perfect Blush For Valentines Day: Mac's Giggly Mineralized Blush

Apologies in advanced because this blush is from the limited edition Quite Cute collection that Mac released in April 2011. I originally had this on my wishlist when it first came out but I never bought it due to the high price (which is 95% of why I do not step foot near a Mac). By chance I found this at the CCO when I went a few weeks ago and for $16.25 I couldn't skip it. The heart detail is just too cute to resist and I wish Mac would do more collections with imprinted designs.

Giggly is my first Mac blush and it is a mineralized formula. In terms of price in relation to weight, the Mac mineralized blushes are very expensive and comparable to luxury brands such as Dior and Chanel. Nonetheless you still get a decent amount and a little goes a long way so I doubt I will finish this anytime soon if at all.

The left most swatch is the purple heart, the middle swatch is the outer portion and the last swatch is everything mixed together. I use a fluffy brush and swirl it to mix all the colors for an easy application. As you can see, the powder is pigmented although not very smooth. There is a lot of loose powder that gets kicked up from swirling your brush in so I have to be careful when dipping my brush into the pan. Nonetheless I love the color as it is a cool toned pink which leans purple yet it does not give me a bruised look.

Did you pick up Giggly when it was released? What's your favorite Mac blush?


  1. I really wanted to get this when it came out too! But I've been trying my best to not fall for all these MAC collections =.=
    Now I regret not picking it up...I hope there's a less pricey and cool-toned pink blush that can deliver like this one.
    Of the ones that I own, I really like the Mighty Aphrodite blush from the Wonder Woman collection.

    1. I was hoping the CCO would have Mighty Aphrodite but unfortunately they only had the other plummy blush from the Wonder Woman collection :( There are tons of other nice cool pink blushes so I'm sure you'll find a good dupe elsewhere :D

  2. Such a beautiful blush and for such a good price. You're so lucky to have found it at the CCO. The swatches look beautiful.

    1. The existence of CCOs definitely limits my Mac spending because I always think I might be able to find the product for cheaper at the outlet!


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