Tutorial: Brown Smoky Eyes - Perfect For Monolids & Asian Eyes


As someone with monolids it can be extremely frustrating to see beautiful eye makeup looks on other people and to know that I can never achieve the same effect no matte how much I practice. I learned everything I know about makeup from the internet along with trial and error so it definitely wasn't easy at first to apply eyeliner much less a billion eyeshadows. Since then I know my eye shape much better and subtle smoky eyes are one of the most foolproof makeup looks that someone with single lids and small eyes can pull off.

The photo above makes my browbone highlight look extremely obvious and quite scary but in real life it was a lot more subtle.... I chose to use brown for this tutorial because it is the eyeshadow color I use most often. That doesn't mean it has to be boring because there are so many types of brown eyeshadows out there! Warm tones, cool tones, taupes, mattes, shimmers, metallics... the possibilities are endless! I was determined to find a way to use Mac's Patina eyeshadow because I wasn't too impressed with it as an all over lid color. I used it as my blending color for this look and I actually quite like it.

To see how I do a quick, basic smokey eye check out the video below!

For any of you who are reading this who have atypical eye shapes and who can't seem to find a flattering makeup technique, don't fret and have fun experimenting with different techniques. Makeup is a lot more fun when taken less seriously and if you're just starting out, don't be too hard on yourself. It takes time to not only learn about products and techniques but also to learn about your own features and how to go about enhancing what you have.


  1. i feel monolid looks are much easier to do, you have some great blending skills!

    i actually got my bag from that C21!

    1. I usually don't like to over complicate my eye makeup because the colors tend to go muddy on me. I think it's best not to overwhelm the eyes with too much especially if one has monolids. && thanks for the compliment :)

      I really like going to C21 to browse for deals but I don't have a lot of time to shop at the moment. I want to check out their Upper West Side location because I think it should be less hectic!

  2. I love sporting brown smoky eyes! I can always trust a good brown eyeshadow to give me eyes better definition without being too dramatic. This looks great on you! :)

    1. Brown eyeshadows are definitely a makeup staple! It's hard to go wrong with neutrals :) Thanks!


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