C. Booth's Walnut Scrub: Gets the Job Done Without Breaking the Bank

Just a heads up for anyone who's interested, my Ulta haul video is uploaded and you can watch it HERE. I did swatches of all the NYX blushes I picked up and gave mini reviews of everything I bought in the video so check that out if you want to see what the products look like up close.

I finished my body scrub over a month ago and with shorts and tank weather fast approaching I needed a new scrub ASAP. I was in search of a budget body scrub and with Ulta's 20% off offer, I picked up a giant bottle of c. Booth's Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser for only $4.80. Even without a discount, the $6 price tag makes this scrub incredibly affordable. 

C. Booth markets itself as a natural company but a closer look at the ingredients show that there are several chemicals and additives with super long names. The last two ingredients are preservatives so if you are going preservative free, this is not for you. Although sodium laureth sulfate is the second ingredient in the scrub, the scrub feels nothing like liquid soap and does not foam at all. The formulation feels more like a very light, almost airy cream. I try to stay as far away from dimethicone in my face products but I thought it couldn't do a whole lot of harm (not that it does the skin any good though) on my body. 

The fragrance smells like some sort of coconut cake or dessert which I actually quite like. I typically do not like sweet scents but this appeals to me for some reason. If you don't like fragrance or you prefer more mature scents, you might not like this. After rinsing, the fragrance does not linger though.

The scrub has a good amount of scrubby particles to make my skin feel exfoliated without being too harsh. The formula rinses away easily and does not leave any residue on my skin nor the tub. You may chuckle that not leaving a slippery residue in the tub is important is paramount but I am a total clutz and I have fallen in the shower on more than one occasion. I use this scrub two to three times a week to slough away any dead skin cells.

For the price this is scrub does what a body scrub should do and it is pleasant to use. If you're on a budget and you want a no-frills body scrub then you might want to look into this. If you are looking for a purely natural scrub or one with more moisturizing benefits, this probably won't make the cut.


  1. I've seen this brand at Target but never paid attention. I like that it's quite natural, and I don't mind preservatives. It looks and sounds like something I'll like to use :) i am also a klutz too in the shower. I like that it rinses off completely with no residue!

    1. I've glanced at this brand a number of times while at Target and drugstores but never bought anything for some reason. If you try this out, I hope you like it! :)

  2. It's ironic how I care so much for my face yet am so lazy when it comes to taking care of body (and hair) :X This sounds great for someone like me...basic and inexpensive xD Glad to know it's at Target will have to stop by one to see for myself!

    1. I go in and out of phases with body/hair care. Lately I've been more concerned about my body and haircare though as I think that it is paramount to have nice hair and skin to perfect that "effortless no makeup" look.


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