Flash Review & Demo: Mac's Face & Body Foundation

Mac's face and body foundation is one of those makeup products that people love or hate. I personally love it. I put off trying a Mac foundation for a long time because I have heard horror stories of breakouts and some of my favorite beauty bloggers didn't like how face and body apparently didn't set on their skin. But my curiosity got the best of me and during my last foray into a Mac store I asked for a sample of the infamous foundation. The makeup artist matched me to the shade C2 and I was excited to test out my new foundation!

Despite having oily (more combination during the cooler months but still oily throughout the day) and acne prone skin with lots of acne scars, I prefer a light to medium coverage base with a lightweight feel. I really do not enjoy having the heavy feeling of foundation or even tinted moisturizer on my skin as it makes me feel too made up and by the end of the day I look and feel greasy.

Face and body is a runny formula which is easily blended into the skin using bare fingers. It imparts a natural looking sheen to the skin without looking oily and I really love how healthy my skin looks with it on. Some have said that their skin felt very wet and tacky after applying this foundation but I felt no such sensation. I find that it is best to work this into the skin in sections using circular blending motions. After a few seconds of circular blending the foundation seems to take on a thicker consistency as it melds into the skin. I usually set this with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil which keeps it lasting all day long although I do blot once or twice to keep the oilies away. One time I even wore this foundation without powder for an entire day just to see how it would hold up. At the end of that day my t-zone was an oil slick (yuck, I know) but my foundation was still on and not slipping and sliding everywhere as I had anticipated.

I have heard some people say that this foundation offers no coverage whatsoever. I beg to disagree. Even though this will not cover up hyper pigmentation and acne scars or marks, it is not meant to.That is what my concealer is for. I usually apply concealer to my major problem areas and then blend face and body over my entire face to achieve a more even complexion. I would rather have a few spots show than to cake on thick, uncomfortable foundation. But that is just my preference.

The full size of this foundation costs $33 but you get a whopping 120ml which is four times more than the typical 30ml of other foundations. I intend on purchasing a bottle next year as this seems to be a lovely foundation for me in the winter. In the summer I tend to go quite tan and I probably won't like the dewy look as much in the heat.

Check out the video below to hear more about what I think of this foundation and to see a demo of how face and body looks over my bare skin!

Many people love this and many people hate this so I can't really say what any person in particular might think of this. Your best bet to see if you like this would be to go to a Mac store or counter (apparently this is only sold in freestanding stores) and ask for a sample. Sometimes reading reviews can only get you so far because everyone is different. A lot of people tend to prefer MakeUp Forever's face and body foundation but I actually didn't like that foundation at all. Have you tried Mac face and body foundation? What do you think of it?


  1. Thanks for this review. I've actually been looking at a whole bunch and yours seems to be one of the more helpful ones. And I think you may be one of the few who actually realized how to properly use this product.

    I've heard that the more you work the foundation into your skin, the more opaque it gets. You're probably the only person who's confirmed this, so thank you haha!

    1. Glad this was helpful Nicole! I read about this foundation everywhere and people either thought this was holy grail or comeplete rubbish. I heard one of the Pixiwoo sisters say that as you work the foundation in it changes consistency and it's true!

    2. So do you prefer using your fingers to apply this? Or have you tried it with any other brushes?

    3. I tried using my Sigma F80 and a regular foundation brush to apply this but I prefer using my fingers. I think using my fingers helps this foundation blend in better and it's easy!


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