Natural Wonders Birchbox: April 2012

My second Birchbox arrived a few days ago but I to be honest I've been a bit preoccupied and haven't had a chance to blog about this until now. This month Birchbox went with a environmental theme so of course all the wrappings and fixing were green. 

This month's box came with a variety of products including a few skincare goodies, some tea packets, and a perfume sample. I have yet to try the moisturizer, exfoliating cleanser, or lipbalm out but I am very excited to! Last month I did not receive any skincare products in my box so April's box is a nice balance. 

I used one of the tea sachets the other day and the fragrance was a lovely floral scent but not one I enjoy drinking. The Willa moisturizer looks interesting as the consistency is very runny. It looks like it will be a great lightweight moisturizer for my oily skin in the summer. Alima Pure is a brand I was interesting in trying out so this tinted lipbalm seems promising. The perfume sample is well... a perfume sample. The fragrance isn't amazing nor is it appalling so in the perfume sample stash it goes. One of my few complaints is that the exfoliant sample is very small but I guess it will be good to tote along for short trips. I'll be testing out these products soon so I'll update you guys if anything's spectacular and a must purchase or if anything's horrible and a definite no-go.

Last month's Birchbox was a better value but this month was filled with a few pleasant surprises as well. Next month's box is going to be Gossip Girl themed and although I have never watched an episode of the show I'm excited! If you subscribe to Birchbox, what did you get this month?


  1. I liked your last month's birchbox better. I can't stop thinking about those cute hair ties. I saw them at anthropologie; also in headband version. so. pretty.

    1. LOL you're one of the people who would possibly spend $10 on 12 hairties (or something around that price range). They're cute but they're not worth the money for a piece of colored elastic for me :(

    2. haven't got them yet! i prob won't. (but if i eventually do i will let you know^.^) it feels a ~little bit like spending hundreds on paint splattered jeans (a gawker article i just read lol) i have a good amt of hair accessories anyways. I just got this cute free gift from mod cloth - it's a head band with wire inside so that when you twist it at the front the bow sticks up like bunny ears.

    3. Haha that bunny headband sounds cute :) I cringe a bit when I see $100+ denim.... I mean they looks nice and I bet they feel great and will last a longgg time but it's hard for me to splurge that much atm. Maybe when I graduate and have a real job I'll be willing to shell out more for staples.


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