Shades of Gray && a Dainty Braid

Some of you might have seen this post before but the Blogger app is ridiculously bad and I somehow deleted the whole post by accident.... I'll just try to quickly rewrite what I wrote the first time to the best of my ability.

Zara shirt, Miss Sixty jacket, F21 scarf, Gap shorts, H&M tights, Dolce Vita boots, American Eagle Purse

For my short trip to Philadelphia last weekend I somehow managed to pack mostly gray clothing. What can I say? I love my neutrals. My outfit definitely clashed with the beautiful weather but it was quite chilly so I'm glad I brought my faux leather jacket with me.  

I am horribly boring with my hair and I only have the skills to do simply pony tails and t op knots. My younger cousin is quite good at doing hair so I asked her to braid my hair and this was what she ended up doing. My hair is on its way to becoming long again so I am super excited to be able to curl it again. Short hair was fuss free but sometimes boring and I never had any inspiration to be creative with it. I'm hoping to learn how to do different types of braids and hairstyles soon. Please let me know what your favorite hair styles are and feel free to link me to hair tutorials!


  1. I love the braid! :) And your shades of grey outfit. Really nice!

  2. I'm so boring with my hair too lol. But your younger cousin did an awesome job on the braid, it's so pretty! And I love that circle scarf! :)

    1. The braid was really cute but it only lasted about 10 minutes before falling apart because I was running around the park (we were flying kites) and it was super windy! I think I bought the scarf for only around $10 from F21 and I wear it SO MUCH. It's definitely one of my favorite scarves :)


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