Alima Pure Nourishing Lipbalm: Another MLBB Lippie

Sheer lipsticks and tinted lipbalms have been a big hit in the beauty community in the last few months and I'm certainly a fan of the effortless, comfortable look they impart. Alima Pure's nourishing lipbalm might be for you if you fancy yourself a glossy, no-fuss lip balm!

I received this full sized lipbalm in my April Birchbox and I was intrigued because I was thinking about trying out some of Alima Pure's other cosmetics. I am a big fan of natural, healthy looking lips (although I am starting to gravitate towards bolder lip colors) and this lip balm delivers in that aspect. According to Alima Pure's website, the lipbalm contains "soothing antioxidants, rich pigments, and organic plant oils and butters".  It all sounds great but the price tag is $7 which isn't exactly inexpensive for merely 2 grams of product. The weight and packaging of this lipbalm is identical to a Softlips balm, for reference.

The color I received was Rhubarb, described by Alima Pure as "Medium, neutral pink with no shimmer". I would agree for the most part although I detect a wee bit more brown or terracotta instead of pink. Nonetheless, this translates to a my lips but better color once applied.

You can see from the swatch that the lipbalm imparts a lovely sheen. You can definitely see my natural lip color but there is a bit of pigmentation that just slightly evens out my lip color. I really like the texture of this balm because it makes my lips feel moisturized. Even after the balm fades, my lips feel comfortable. There is peppermint oil in the formula so there is a slight mint scent and a tingly effect on the lips. I usually don't love or hate mint in my lip products but the scent is mixed with some sort of weird chemical or plastic smell which tastes just as bad. The strange scent is not too overpowering to the point where I would hesitate to use it; but it's present and it bothers me.

The Alima Pure nourishing lipbalm is good but by no means is it great. Especially given the price, I would say it's a safe skip. I like that it gives my lips a bit of a tint and the texture is nice but the smell and taste are deal breakers. What are your favorite tinted lipbalms? Have you ever tried any Alima Pure products?


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