All Done Up With Lancome's Color Design Lipstick

I have no idea why I didn't think of trying out this lipstick when I added it to my collection a few moons ago when Lancome was doing a gift with purchase. I'm usually most excited about the little eyeshadow quads that they include but this time the lipstick won my heart. All Done Up looks frighteningly dark in the tube and I wasn't sure if I would like the look of a fierce burgundy on my lips.

When applied on the lips, All Done Up is actually much lighter, brighter and I absolutely love how it looks! This lipstick definitely satisfies my lemming for a bright lip color for the summer and I'm even happier that it was free. Seriously, Lancome has the some of the best seasonal gift with purchases and since my Mom uses Lancome skincare but not the makeup, I usually snag at least one gift per year.

The first swatch is how the lipstick looks applied directly from the tube. A few quick swipes and your lips will be enveloped in smooth, creamy lipstick goodness. The formula is lightweight and comfortable. I can easily build up the color if I want an opaque fuchsia pout. If I want a very defined, perfect shaped lip, I would use a lip brush to get into all the corners.

In the bottom photo you can see how my lips look after I blotted the lipstick with a tissue. Sometimes I want a more subdued pop of color and blotting helps me achieve that look.

I love mixing other shades with this lipstick to change the way it looks. I popped on a milky baby pink lipgloss over top and achieved this lip color HERE. On another day I applied All Done Up and then proceeded to go over my lips with Maybelline's Coral Lustre Lipstick with a lipbrush. The finished lip was a bright red color that looked stunning. 

The lasting power is phenomenal for this lipstick; I can get over 6 hours of color on my lips! Mind you, it's not going to look exactly the same as when you applied it but this lipstick stains my lips evenly so there is a hint of color when the product fades.

I am incredibly glad that I decided to dig this out of my collection on a whim because this is a fantastic lipstick. The formula is incredibly comfortable and easy to apply, the color is gorgeous alone or mixed, and the lasting power is excellent. This lipstick will set you back $22 which is expensive compared to drugstore or Mac but it's one of the more economical high end lipsticks. If you love the shade and you want a high quality lipstick, this might love this as much as I do!


  1. I really like bright colors on you! I think it's fun to mix and match different lip colors to see what you can get.

    The Lancome formulas are pretty nice, the Color Design line is probably my favorite. Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Happy Memorial Day to you too! It took me so long to warm up to bright lips but I love them now! You look really good in brights as well :D

  2. What a beautiful lipstick! :) I love these Lancome ones... they're usually nice and the color range is great.

    1. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these in future GWPs!


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