C. Booth's Original Bath & Body Oil: My Current Body Moisturizer

I feel like I've been slacking on the posts because I usually post every other day. Lately I have been feeling quite under the weather and I haven't had the time to write many posts to save for days when I'm not in blogging mode. It irks me to no end when I go a few days without posting so I thought I'd quickly sum up my thoughts on the c. Booth body oil that I hauled a few weeks ago.

I purchased this Bath & Body Oil with the intention of using it solely as a body moisturizer. The large 16 fluid ounce bottle retails for a mere $7 and I bought this from Ulta with a 20% promotion so I paid only $5.60. This is definitely a nice budget body oil if you're in the market for something affordable.

After stepping out of the shower and towel drying, I get about three quarters worth of oil onto my palms, rub them together, and apply straight to my body. I repeat this as necessary to cover my entire body. I generally need to repeat this three times but it is personal preference and what your skin needs are. The oil does an adequate job of soaking into the skin but it does leave a slight greasy residue so I make sure to wear long sleeved pajamas with full length pajama bottoms. I suggest only using this before you go to bed as it may transfer onto your clothing. If you tend to shower early in the morning before leaving the house, you probably will not like this.

Here is a closer look at the ingredients for anyone who wants to know. The product is a blend of sunflower, olive, and some other oils. There is fragrance and parabens in the ingredients list as well. The scent is very noticeable although I am not sure how to describe it. It is pleasant and not very bothersome to me but if you do not like fragrances, this might not be for you.

As for moisturizing, this oil does not keep my skin fully hydrated after a few hours which is disappointing. For the price it was worth a shot but I would not repurchase this as it did not help my skin very much. Now, I have extremely dry skin on my body so if you have normal skin this may be enough hydration for you. The positives are that it is affordable and it seems like it would be a nice treat to throw into the bathwater once in awhile if you take baths. This did not make my skin break out nor did it give me any other negative side effects so that is also a plus. Looks like I'll still be on the hunt for my holy grail, inexpensive body moisturizer after I am finished with this bottle!

Have you tried any body oils? Let me know your experiences and what your go-to body moisturizers are!


  1. I love body oils! I like the Weleda ones because they're nice and absorb quickly but still have that moisturizing feeling even after hours :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I've never tried anything from Weleda before but I've heard about it before :)


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