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I am kicking off my brand overview stash videos with Mac, not because it's my favorite brand but because people seem to be really interested in their products. I have a modest stash of Mac products but I know a lot of shades I do not own by heart and in general I think I have a good grasp on the brand. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Mac cosmetics that I currently own. As usual I will link reviews and swatches I have done separately so you can see those for more information.

217 Brush - My first brush from Mac and one that I reach for everyday unless it's dirty. I'm not sure if I will invest in anymore Mac brushes because I can use the money somewhere else but if you decide to get one Mac brush, get this one.

239 Brush - I really like this brush as well but it took a bit of time for me to accept it for the price tag. The hairs on this brush are very flat which make it easy to pack on eyeshadows while avoiding a lot of fall out. The hairs are extremely soft like the 217 which my eyelids can appreciate.

226 Brush (LE) - I regret buying this brush to be honest as it is not as soft as the 217 and 239 brushes. I thought this would be great for blending out shadows due to the tapered tip but my $1 E.L.F blending brush does an equally good job.

Giggly Mineralized Blush (LE) - This blush has a very frosty, shimmery finish which I usually detest but it gives a nice brightening effect without making me look too much like a disco ball. I don't reach for this much but it's nice to have in the winter when my skin is very pale. The heart print detail was too cute to resist!

Pink Swoon Blush - The color looks scary in the pan but the sheertone formula makes this very easy to work with. I really like the color of this blush and the finely milled texture is great. I would recommend this blush.

Eyeshadows: Tempting, Carbonized (LE), Patina, Satin Taupe - Honestly I am let down by the shadows I have tried from Mac. They are good overall but I find that Urban Decay, Inglot, and even some drugstore shadows are on par or better. For the price Mac shadows can definitely be more buttery or pigmented. Patina left me the most disappointed as it barely shows up as a lid color on my skin.

Unflappable Mega Metal Shadow (LE) - This eyeshadow is a beaute and one of my favorites for defining the outer corner. The formula is highly pigmented and I wish Mac would make the Mega Metal shadows permanent. The constant limited edition collections can be incredibly annoying because I feel like I have to rush out and grab things before they sell out. Thus, I mostly avoid the collections altogether and keep my wallet happy.

Pigments: Gold Mode (LE), Gold Dusk (LE), Gold Stroke (LE), Melon, Reflects Antique Gold (Pro) - Mac releases pigment sets during the holiday season which are a great way to try out some of the colors. You only need the teeniest bit of product and I can't imagine ever finishing the mini jars. Gold Mode is one of my favorite shadow colors of all time.

Viva Glam Gaga II Lipstick (LE) - This was my first Mac lipstick because I love nudes and I got sucked in by the whole limited edition thing (they get me sometimes). This is an amplified finish which means it's incredibly pigmented. I sparingly use this because I must top this with a gloss. I definitely want to try more Mac lipsticks because they have a nice variety of shades and formulas.

Bare Again Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Unlike Viva Glam Gaga II, I reach for Bare Again a lot. This is one of my favorite lipsticks due to the wearable color and creamy formula.

Fashion Whim Cremesheen Glass - This is also another favorite in my collection. The consistency of this gloss is very moisturizing and not sticky at all. Although the shade makes me look a bit washed out when worn alone, this looks amazing on top of lippies!

Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus - This powder is one of the most raved about Mac products on the internet and I can see why. Even if I buff this into my skin with a kabuki, it looks very natural and not cakey at all. The major let down for me is that it has no oil control and my face gets incredibly shiny in a few short hours.

How many Mac products are in your stash?


  1. zero! lol
    which one is the 217 brush? (you could describe 1st,2nd, or 3rd from left)
    My friend helen is sending me some pastel eye shadows and I think a good brush might be helpful with the lighter colors. Esp since I wear glasses all the time. =)

    1. The 217 brush is the first one on the left. It probably wouldn't be my choice brush for applying a pastel or light eyeshadow because the application would be very sheer. The 217 is meant for blending while a brush like the 239 would be more ideal for your purposes!

  2. Very nice collection! Patina was the ultimate let down shadow for showed up on me but was the ugliest gold on my skin =( too cool or something. You have a heck of alot more than i did when i was 19 kudos! lol
    ahh i felt mad missing out on that LE brush but maybe it wasnt a must have

    1. I was sooo excited to get Patina but I can only make it work as a blending color :( Haha, I see 12 year olds with more makeup than me and I think that's pretty ridiculous. Today I pulled a bunch of items out of my collection and put them in a pile for photographs and I was shocked by how much I actually have.... Be glad you didn't get the LE brush because I would gladly go back in time and have picked up a blush or lippie instead!

  3. Nice collection haha. ^^ I was going to ask why you own so many gold pigments but then I read that they came in sets.

    1. Haha, I really liked the set because they were all neutral pigment shades. Surprisingly, Gold Stroke is not a gold at all but a chocolate-y brown :)

  4. I have a nice little collection of MAC products too! I love all of them, especially the eyeshadows and my one and only MAC lipstick. They all get lots of love hehehe :D

    1. I don't give my Mac shadows a lot of love to be honest because I have way too many eye shadows >.< Bare Again and Fashion Whim get quite a lot of attention though!


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