NYX Powder Blushes Pack A Punch!

To be honest I have never had much luck with drugstore or inexpensive blushes. More often than not, inexpensive blushes tend to be unpigmented, chalky, powdery, or a combination of these disappointing qualities. I'm not sure what took me so long to try NYX powder blushes (actually I do, it's hard to find these in person and I've only recently become comfortable with online shopping!), but I'm sure glad I did. Not only are these blushes pigmented without being powdery and chalky, these come in a wide variety of shades too!

I only purchased two very different shades shades to try out, Desert Rose and Bourgeois Pig. Desert Rose is a burnt strawberry shade with minimal, barely there shimmer. Bourgeois Pig is the classic peachy baby pink that nobody can go wrong with. I have many similar shades but this one was quite unique as it has no shimmer. The finish is in between a satin and matte which I personally love.

Retailing at only $6 for .18 oz (a wee bit less than a Mac powder blush), I probably should have stocked up (not that I need to given the 93022384 blushes I've recently accumulated...) since Ulta was having a 40% off NYX and an extra 20% coupon. I snagged these for only $2.88! Bargain much?

The blushes swatch nicely and blend well on the skin. The lasting power is decent at around the normal six to eight hours for me. The one minor gripe is the packaging which isn't the sturdiest. The compact of Desert Rose is incredible hard to open. The compact for Bourgeois Pig is perfectly normal so I'm guessing I just received a faulty blush compact. But for the price I can't really expect too much and I can work a bit to pry open the packaging for a nice blush.

If you're on a budget, NYX is a great brand to try out as they have a nice variety of products and shades. Most NYX products I have tried have met or exceeded my expectations so I highly recommend the brand to people starting out with makeup. Have you tried these blushes or any other NYX products? Let me know what your favorite NYX products are!


  1. I've always heard nice things about NYX blushes. Desert Rose looks gorgeous! I looove deep cheek colors :D

    1. Desert Rose is amazing if you have deeper skin and if you're pale you can use the teeniest bit for a beautiful flush! It's awesome :)

  2. These 2 looks absolutely gorgeous, I have far too many blushes but would so make room in my collection for these 2!! x


    1. Hah, I always say that everytime I see something I love but don't need :X


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