Business Cards For Your Blog!

Recently a friend showed me some business cards that he created just for laughs through a site called Moo since they have a trial package of 10 cards at absolutely no cost. No, this post is not sponsored nor am I in any way affiliated with Moo. I honestly really enjoyed the entire experience from creating the cards to seeing the finished product. I urge all of you who have blogs or any other platform to take advantage of the 10 free cards because they're simply adorable and useful to boot!

The Moo site is easy to navigate and I love that I could choose a different design for each card. I used mostly my own photographs for the cards as well as some with just plain text which I designed in Photoshop and simply uploaded to Moo. Really, the ease is definitely one of the most attractive things about Moo.

The company has a quirky and modern aesthetic which is visible on their website as well as in the packaging of their products.

All the trappings felt smooth and high quality so even before seeing my cards, I had high hopes.

When I removed all of the cards from their containers I was surprised by a cute little message. Oliver Twist, anyone?

This is the back of my business cards and you can see a few of the front designs that I chose. The back logo was a bit off center but that was my fault more than Moo's as I did not center it properly online (oops). Nonetheless, I am incredibly pleased with my free cards and I will be keeping a few cards in my wallet in case I ever decide to divulge the presence of my blog. For those of you who are proud of your blogs, I think it's a great idea to take your website to the next level with a savvy business card!


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