Move Over Seche-Vite, Revlon's Taking Your Place!

Seche Vite is the cult favorite top coat that seems to be a staple in many manicure routines and it has been my top coat of choice for the past few months. But at $10 a bottle Seche Vite can be a bit pricey, even if the bottle will last me quite a long time with regular use. My base coat was a random L'oreal base coat that wasn't doing much for my nails. I've been through about 3 bottles of the L'oreal base coat and I'm not sure why I've been using it for as long as I have. I guess I was never really concerned about a layer of polish that I couldn't see.

Last week Rite Aid had Revlon nail polishes for $3 (excluding the new colorstay line) so I picked up the base and top coats just for kicks. The promise of a quick drying polish piqued my interest as that is one of Seche Vite's most prized qualities.

The base coat has a milky coloring in the bottle but applies clear on the nail. Application was easy and the dry time was quick. But then again, most base coats I've tried have dried pretty fast.

The top coat is clear and as you'll see from the photos below, very shiny. I love the look of glossy, almost vinyl looking nails and this top coat delivers just that. The smell of the Revlon top coat is much less offensive than Seche Vite which is a huge plus. A small con would be that the brush is a tad small and it takes a few more strokes than I usually need to cover my entire nail. Also, you can see how my polish transferred onto the brush which usually does not happen with Seche Vite or other top coats. I can see this being a potential problem in the long run as the residue collected on the brush may transfer onto my other manicures.

In the photo above you can see my freshly varnished nails and the incredible shine that the top coat delivers. If you are wondering, the polish I am wearing is Spoiled's Lox-y Lady. I absolutely love everything about this nail polish. The color is phenomenal and the application was effortless. It's the best 99¢ I have ever spent on a nail polish. Normally the Spoiled nail polishes retail for $2 at CVS but I (well, actually my Mom if you want to get technical about it) bought (I chose the colors though) them when they were on promotion.

On the morning of the third day my nails still looked very much intact and no chipping had occurred. The shine is definitely not as intense as the first day but my nails are not totally dull. 

Here you can see the condition of my nails at the end of the fourth day. There is some minor chipping on the tip of my pointer finger but the other nails are intact. Today I am writing this post on the fifth day of wear and my nails on the whole look very good. The chipping is still only on the pointer finger and from a distance my nails look pretty perfect. I'm impressed! It is quite rare when I can keep a manicure looking this nice for a whole work (or school) week!

The quick dry base and top coats by Revlon are definitely worth the money and I'm glad I found an alternative to the good, but pricey Seche Vite. If you're in the market for an inexpensive base or top coat, I highly recommend the ones by Revlon. I hear the base and top coats in their Colorstay line is quite good as well! What are your favorite base and top coats?


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