May and June 2012 Empties

A lot of samples have bitten the dust since my last empties post two months ago. Surprisingly I had a number of products I thoroughly enjoyed using up and I'm considering whether or not I should repurchase them. Let's get started with the mini reviews!

Thayer's Witch Hazel Lavender Toner - I bought a back up of this in the Rose scent before my bottle ran out because I love how gentle this toner is. This is a no frills toner and the lack of alcohol in the ingredients makes this a winning product in my skincare routine.

Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes - I did a review on this awhile back and my thoughts remain the same for the most part. I used to use cleansing towelettes to remove my face makeup but I now find that method harsh and inefficient. I prefer cleansing oils instead as they cleanse my skin much more thoroughly without being harsh.

Simple Facial Wash Gel - CVS was offering free samples of this product when Simple first appeared in the states. I was surprised to find that my skin liked this because I normally use foaming cleansers. I found this gentle, scent free cleanser to be especially effective for morning cleanses. I do not need a heavy duty, drying facial wash to remove a bit of dirt and oil that accumulated the night before. This might just be a repurchase!

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner - This was one of the products I received in one of my Birchboxes. I could not see or feel a difference in my hair while using this conditioner and I did not like that the primary ingredients are silicone based. The scent is reminiscent of VO5 hair products which reminds me of my childhood though.

Korres Pomegranate Cream Gel - This gel moisturizer is meant for oily combination skin types which I have. Although it is silicone free and it's supposed to be "natural", the overpowering scent definitely makes me think otherwise. The scent is pleasant and I'm not going to penalize a product for having a nice scent but it's something to note. This is a mediocre moisturizer that I neither recommend nor dislike.

Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Lotion SPF 30 - I am extremely picky about sunscreen products and this did not disappoint! This lotion is very easy to apply and spread onto the skin without leaving a greasy or uncomfortable residue. I had a small half ounce sample of this which lasted me a few months. I highly recommend this moisturizer!

Murad Essential C Day Moisture SPF 30 - This sunscreen was incredibly disappointing as the scent was intolerable for me and the formula separated for no reason. The scent is sunscreen laced with citrus and the texture is greasy. For no apparent reason, an oily liquid started to separate from the moisturizer and I could not bring myself to finish this on my face. I finished up this sample as a body sunscreen which worked decently. 

Supergoop Everyday Face and Body Lotion SPF 30 - This was nothing special and I also used this up on my body. This was not as offensive in smell as the Murad lotion but it was not as comfortable as the Peter Thomas Roth lotion.

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - This is the third tube of L'occitane hand cream that I have used up and I genuinely like their hand creams. The packaging is chic and efficient (no annoying air bubbles!). The rich formula moisturizes my hands without leaving a sticky or greasy layer of product. I want to branch out and try different hand creams so I will not be purchasing this again soon.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream - I received this sample during Sephora's last friends and family sale and this lasted me about five or six months with daily use. I enjoyed using this basic eye cream as I do not have significant lines or dark circles but those of you who are looking for a stronger, more effective formula should probably look elsewhere. 

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil - I mentioned this product in several favorites posts and I was sad to see this go. The finely milled powder looks great over moisturized skin or foundation and a little goes a long way. This looks incredibly natural on the skin while blurring imperfections at the same time. 

Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Concealer - This is one of my favorite concealers of all time as it works beautifully at covering dark circles and spots. The creamy liquid is pigmented and easy to blend. I would repurchase this if I didn't want to try other concealers such as Makeup Forever's Full Cover and some of Dior's concealers. I highly recommend checking out the Lancome Effacernes Concealer when gift with purchases start rolling out. 

Urban Decay Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy - I finished a lipstick! It's a small mini sample, but still. It's a lipstick and I'm proud of finishing it. Midnight Cowboy is a sheer, shimmery brown nude which feels like a lipbalm on the lips. The shimmer is non-gritty and the lipstick formula is very shiny on the lips. I enjoyed wearing this because it was comfortable but will not repurchase this particular shade. I am interesting in seeing if the other Urban Decay lipsticks have the same formula and feel.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara - This mascara was easy to use and I had nice, defined lashes after using this. My only complaint is that my curl could have held a bit better. 

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara - I used to love Lancome mascaras but lately they've been letting me down. This mascara defined and lengthened but did not give much volume. Again, the curl could have been better. 

Sephora Nano Eyeliner in Silver Green - This came in a Sephora birthday gift a few years back so for a free product, I wasn't expecting much. The color is a nice forest green but the lack of pigmentation really let me down. Getting an opaque line requires too much pressure and tugging on the sensitive eye area. I'm giving this to my little cousins to play with and they can bin it if they want.

Revlon Colorstay Black Eyeliner - Revlon colorstay liners are great when you first buy them. They are pigmented and creamy. The twist up packaging is convenient and easy to use. However, these liners dry up within a couple of months so those of us with large eyeliner stashes cannot possibly finish these up before they go bad. This dried out and became hard to use and not very pigmented. After breaking several times, I'm down to a little nub of liner and I'm ready to toss this.

Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Ebony - This liner is pretty much like a dark writing pencil. The kohl is hard and dry so it's almost painful to apply. I can see this working as a decent pencil if you are going for a smoky eye and you apply this in a slant. But for me, that's just too much effort since I have other, better, eyeliners. Another product that is going to my cousins.

L'oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense - Everyone seems to love this liner but I just can't get the hang of the felt tip. My liner always comes out too thick when I use this and when I try to remove the liner it becomes a flaky mess.

Watch the video below if you want to hear more of my thoughts on the products I used up!



  1. yay congrats on finishing so many empties ^^

    1. Thanks! Even though they're mostly samples it takes me awhile to get through products :D

  2. Lilladylife also said she liked that toner! Now I'm more intrigued since both of you like it :D I haven't seen it in any drugstores by me..where did you pick yours up from?
    Congrats on finishing so many things! I'm in the processing of using up my sample sachets too since I am on the verge of finishing my full bottles of skincare...only chance to use them is now xD

    1. You can find Thayer's in Whole Foods! You have to go to the personal care section that has skincare, bodycare, haircare, etc. At the Union Square location it's in the basement :)

    2. That explains a lot! xD I've only been into Whole Foods once...and never into their personal care section. Thanks!! :D


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