Recent Mani's A La Instagram 2

I quite like this Instagram compilation of nails of the days so this is the second installment! Check out my first batch HERE

What I'm wearing (from top row left to right then bottom row left to right):

1) Spoiled Correction Tape - I am obsessed with Spoiled nail polishes but Correction Tape is my least favorite of the six shades I own so far. I love the clean, mod look of opaque white nails but Correction Tape separated from where I my top coat didn't cover and chipped within a few days. 

2) Spoiled Lox-y Lady - This is one of my favorite nail colors in my collection right now. It's the perfect strawberry red. With all of the cream finish Spoiled polishes, you only really need one coat to get opaque coverage. I usually use two coats just to even everything out. Oh, and that shine? That's thanks to Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat! Drugstore loves!

3) Spoiled Deeper Dive - My Spoiled polish love continues! This is a glitter infused teal with all types of iridescent shimmer suspended in the teal base. I think I needed about three coats for this to reach a decent opacity. I don't love this mani as much as the others simply because I don't really like how deep blue polishes look on me.  

4) Spoiled Correction Tape with dots of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet - I named this my dinosaur egg mani because of the spots. Does that even make sense? I thought it was quite fun and different pastel dots on each nail would have been a cute mani as well.

5) Color Club Clambake Coral and Essie Need a Vacation with Essie Gold as it Gets over top - Clambake Coral is one of the best spring and summer nail polishes and Need a Vacation is a longtime member of my polish collection. I liked how the two of them juxtaposed one another, neon meet neutral! The gold glitter overlay just added an extra oomph factor. 

6) Milani Paradise Pink - What a coincidence, this pink shade was used in the last notd of the first Instagram set! I guess I have a way with rotating my nail polishes. Paradise Pink is somewhat difficult to work with in that it is quite a thick polish. But I do my nails often enough to be able to color within the confines of my nail beds so there's no real cleaning up to do. This is one of my "safe" nail colors in that it's feminine and clean, perfect for school, work, play, whatever. 

What's your favorite nail polish at the moment? 


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