My Birchbox Story

Birchbox first caught my attention when one of my favorite Youtubers, Missglamorazzi, mentioned them in a couple of videos. At the time I was a penniless student (still am to an extent!) who wasn't sure $10 a month on a box of samples was right for me so I held off on subscribing. Nonetheless I was intrigued and every month I would look up what other people received in their boxes. Just a little over seven months ago, I couldn't wait any longer and finally joined Birchbox. What I got was a whole lot more than a few tubes of night cream and lipgloss.

Throughout the past seven months and boxes, I've had some misses but definitely a good amount of great products as well. Above you can see a few of the products that I discovered through my Birchboxes or from their shop. Who knew Color Club had such fun nail polish shades with good last power or that cute bandaids would actually come in handy on multiple occasion? Thanks to Birchbox I finally mastered the art of applying liquid liner and I would have never thought of purchasing the Eyeko Skinny Liner myself. That's the thing about Birchbox: you get to try out products that you might not have thought were for you but sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised.

As a Birchbox member, I had the opportunity to attend a few beauty events such as a spa night at the Caudalie Spa in the Plaza Hotel and most recently a peek into the SampleStop for fashion week (which was actually for anyone if you did some research!). Birchbox brings people with similar interests together in a way that no other subscription box has done yet.

By joining Birchbox, I've not only only signed up for a monthly box but have also joined a community of beauty enthusiasts who love to share their tips and beauty must-haves. I love how Birchbox harnesses the power of social media to better reach out to their subscribers and their witty tweets and Instagrams put a smile on my face after a long day of class. On multiple occasions I have interacted with members of the Birchbox team and every encounter has been positive. I mean, have you seen their 2nd anniversary video?! Not only is Birchbox reinventing the way women AND men (hello Birchbox Man!) experience beauty and lifestyle products, they are also actively shaping old and new brands, finding new ways to stimulate the beauty industry, setting an example of how companies should treat their team members and so much more.

I have never spoken so highly of a company or brand before and all of my statements are my personal opinion. Even if you're not interested in subscribing, at least check out the Birchbox blog which is updated daily. Birchbox is a great company with a refreshing outlook on the beauty industry and I can't wait to see what they'll think up in the future.


  1. I heard about them from Missglamorazzi too. She always praised them so highly. She doesn't do videos on them anymore, though, which makes me kind of sad/disappointed? I'm still in queue I think...but I caaannnn't wait any longer! D:

    1. I assumed she stopped subscribing to Birchbox or something of the sort since she doesn't talk about them anymore. I think she partnered with them for something at one point but probably not anymore. Hope you can get a spot soon!


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