Disappointing Products Not Worth The Hype

Despite researching and testing multitudes of beauty products before making a purchase, there are a few duds here and there in my collection. These products are not only disappointing because they don't work for me but because a vast number of other people seem to get on well with them. Perhaps some of you will disagree with me about a few of these products and I'd love to hear why. Please don't be upset or confused as to why I don't particularly fancy any of these products; they just didn't live up to the hype for me!

The Blinc Mascara came in one of my Birchboxes and I was super stoked to try out my first tubing mascara. Unlike regular mascaras, the Blinc formula coats each lash in water resistant tubes that supposedly adds volume and length. Instead of using eye makeup remover, the tubes only remove with warm water and the pressure from a cleansing tissue or fingers, if need be. The tubes coated my lashes alright but there was barely any difference before and after application. There was absolutely no curl factor which is my top priority in mascaras. It was a pain to have to use warm water to remove the tubes instead of just a few wipes of eye makeup remover. This gimmick just didn't work out for me but if you already have super long, thick lashes and want a natural look, you might like this.

When I bought Mac's Patina Eyeshadow, I was ready to fall in love and pronounce it my new favorite shadow. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way and it's almost a complete dud in my book. I expected it to be a "shadeshifter" color because it looks sort of beige but gray with hints of green, not to mention Patina is often said to be an underrated Mac shadow. But on me, Patina looks like, well, nothing. The pigmentation is lacking and the shade comes off as chalky on my eyelids. They look rather dusty and despite the frost finish, there is barely any sheen. I bought this shadow thinking it would be a great all over lid color but now it's relegated to being a less than mediocre blending shade when I'm going for a smokey eye.

The Physician's Formula Eyeliner Trio in Glam Green Eyes was a disappointment simply because I love the same product in the brown eyes shade. The trio I have for brown eyes is pigmented and creamy; the liners stay in place all day and look great. The Glam Green Eyes trio was on sale for 75% off I believe so I got it for a steal but nonetheless, only the black shade is useable. The other two shades are a shimmery gray-green and a shimmer lilac. The shimmers are quite chunky and make the gel liner patchy. The pigmentation is barely there so I would get absolutely no definition with these shades. The colors also fail as cream eyeshadows as they do not blend very well onto the eyelids due to their dry formula. For the price I guess just having a good black liner is a decent value but I wish the other shades had better pigmentation so they could function as eyeliner.

When Temptalia gave the Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks scores of A across the board, I had to jump on board and try one. I picked up Heavenly because it looked like the perfect midtone pink with yellow undertones. Sad to say, I'm not as in love with the formula which I found to be drying and somewhat uneven. My lips craved moisture and I can only get away with wearing this with gloss over top. The smell is another disappointment as it smells like... outdated cosmetics, for lack of a better description. The scent is rather off putting and I would rather have no scent in my lip products than an unpleasant one.

Ever since I was interested in the beauty world, I was enthralled by the Benefit Boxed Blushes due to their pretty, shimmery blushes and adorable packaging. Most people seem to get on with the boxed blushes and when some of their most sought after shades, Coralista, Bella Bamba and Hoola, were released in the limited edition Powda Wowza Box, I jumped on the bandwagon. The colors in the box look flattering and they swatch easily on the fingers but once applied, I find it hard to notice a difference. The texture of the blushes are extremely powdery to the point where a few swipes across the cheeks lead to over blending. Coralista and Bella Bamba have a generous dosage of shimmer and very little actual color. While I am tempted to try some other shades like Hervana, my poor experience does not bode well for my stash of Benefit blushes.

In the past year I've gone nail polish crazy just like every other beauty loving person out there. I tried out the Julep subscription box since there was a promotion where you can get your first box for one cent. In my box I received two polishes in Demi and Leighton and I was very excited to try both as I do not have similar polish shades in my collection. Those of you who read my reviews on these polishes will know that I had terrible luck with the Julep formula. Leighton was extremely streaky and too thick to easily apply while Demi chipped within two days. These are expensive polishes at $14 each for only .27 ounces of product (standard polishes are .5 ounces). Save your hard earned pennies and look elsewhere for a reliable nail polish formula.

Check out the video below to hear my thoughts and to see some (pathetic) swatches of a few of the aforementioned products!

I was surprised at how few products I could find in my current stash that deserved to be on this disappointing line up which means I actually enjoy most of my beauty products. Periodically I give away products that I don't get on with which you see in my empties posts just to clear out my collection of anything not worth having. Research is essential in building a solid makeup collection and although you may find a few duds, you learn and move on. What works for others, might not work for you and sometimes it's down to trial and error. What are some disappointing products you've come across? Do you love any of the products I didn't like?


  1. I have two sets of the PF gel liners and I do like them. I have not tried the Glam Green eyes set so it seems there might be inconsistencies between shades.
    I didn't like the covergirl lip perfection lipsticks either. I felt it was drying after a couple hours. Some of the shades stains really bad. Not a fan of the scent but something I can tolerate.
    I've also come across some product people love and I really hated them, lol. I've concluded that the outcome depends on what you expect a product to do, what it claims to do, and how much you paid for it.

    1. Agreed Pang! I think it's only the shimmery PF gel liners that are patchy and dry. The CG lipsticks are definitely drying and hey accentuate every line on my lips. It's up to personal preference sometimes so there are always love/hate products.

  2. I hate Julep polishes. They take forever to dry and just when I think they have, they smudge. They also don't wear long either, even with my best top coat!
    Benefit blushes are also "meh" to me but I'm surprised you didn't like the PF eyeliner. Their blue & purple variation are wonderful!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who had a bad experience with Julep.
      I love the PF liner in the shades without shimmer. Like I said, I have the brown eye set and it's great. The variations with shimmer shades are patchy and hard to use though.

  3. I think Julep nail polishes are hit and miss - I absolutely love their creme formulas, but the shimmers totally suck and chip after ONE DAY! ARGH! Not really worth it for the price if you ask me - totally overrated!

    1. Demi is a cream and it looks lovely for the first few hours but after a day it starts to chip on me :(


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