Recent Favorites // October 2012

I haven't been trying a ton of new beauty products but really trying to find things I love and that I can throw on my face really quickly. These are some of the awesome products that have been helping me look a bit less tired and more alive, even when I'm not feeling it.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

This is my first dry shampoo and I have no idea how I’ve lived without one for so long. I wash my hair every two or three days and this product works great when my roots are feeling a tad too greasy for my liking. The scent is pleasant and the white cast dissipates quickly into my dark hair. My hair is noticeably smoother and just fresh feeling after using this. I probably will try some other dry shampoos before declaring this an HG product but I have a feeling this might be one of the best there is.

Origins Super Spot Remover 

I've been breaking out a lot recently for a combination of reasons and this acne treatment is really helping with the turnover time between spots. It's not overly drying but gets the job done and is probably going to be a skincare staple.

Origins Vitazing

This is great for lazy days when I want to wear makeup but don't want to slap on a separate moisturizer, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer. I just put on a bit of this, pop on some concealer and powder and I'm done with my base. I was surprised at how much I like this since it's pretty hyped up and I usually end up disappointed by cult favorites.

Origins BB Cream

This is a nice tinted moisturizer that looks very natural and gives a little bit more coverage than Vitazing. I do not think this is a true BB cream but that's not really an issue when it comes to the actual product. The marketing is just a tad gimmicky. The shade selection is a bit troublesome though because I wear the lightest shade when I am tan so I will not be able to wear this in a couple of weeks.

Beauty Blender

I mainly like to use this with the Origins BB cream as it blends it out very well. This gives a more sheer application of base makeup and I think it helps prolong the face makeup just a tiny bit. I am disappointed in how difficult it is to wash and how slow it dries. I also ripped a bit of the sponge while washing it because I dug my finger nails into it by accident. I expected the sponge to be a bit more durable considering the price but alas, it's just a sponge.

Nivea Kiss of Milk and Honey Lipbalm

I actually got this for free as Nivea was doing a Facebook giveaway and I somehow ended up with two coupons. I chose this lipbalm and the Mint and Minerals formula but have only had a chance to test this one out so far. Although this smells like neither milk nor honey, it's wonderfully protective and keeps my lips from drying out. My lips instantly feel better when I put this on and prevents any flaking.

Jouer Lipglosses in Birchbox Pink and Nude 

If you read my reviews on these, you’ll already know I love them. These are some of the best lipglosses I have ever had the pleasure of applying on my lips. Birchbox Pink is a sheer bright pink that is detectable but not overwhelming. Nude is more opaque but lets a hint of natural lip color peek through so I don’t have corpse lips. These non-sticky glosses do not dry out my lips or make them peel which is a huge win.

L'oreal Caresse Lipstick in Sunset Angora

I was on the fence about this lippie for the first few times I tried it but lately I’ve been loving it. The color is a pretty pop of pinkish coral and it leaves a shiny finish that lets me skip a gloss. When my lips are feeling hydrated and in good condition, this lipstick looks the best and does not make them dry or flaky. However, if my lips happen to be chapped or worse for wear, this lipstick clings to the flakes and doesn’t look all that good. 

NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal

I absolutely love everything about this blush; the color, texture, ease of use and price are all great. Even the plastic packaging is decent enough and lets me see the color of the product easily. This is a great cream blush for starters, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad in Plum Smokes

When I bought this I wasn't sure if I would be able to use all four shades regularly but couldn't resist picking it up anyway as I've always had success with Maybelline shadows. Luckily, the purples are extremely wearable and look great in the outer corners of the eyes. The colors are not extremely pigmented but add a little something to the look. The peachy pink base color makes a great all over lid shade for brightening tired eyes and the dark brown is great for setting eyeliner.

Check out the video below to see some swatches and to hear more about the products!



  1. I was thinking of picking up one of the L'Oreal Caresse lippies but you've kinda confirmed my suspicions - it's probably nothing ground-breaking. That purple quad looks gorgeous though!

    1. I think I've been gravitating towards the Caresse lipstick just because I love the color that I have and the shine is nice since my hair gets stuck in lipgloss. But it's not all that moisturizing or anything spectacular for the lips. The purple quad is gorgeous in an understated way! I think the colors would look lovely on you!

  2. Love your pink room. That Origins thing, I'm buying it today! Haha :) xx

    Judy's Beauty Blog

    1. Hah, people always think pink is my favorite color since my room is pink and I happen to have a lot of pink things. Wish you luck with the Origins spot remover :D

  3. I love the Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm! It's a staple for me in my office :D So glad you liked it!

    1. I used to use the Nivea Kiss of Moisture and I really loved it so not sure why I never bought any of the others. I'm really thankful Nivea had those freebie offers as I wouldn't have discovered the Milk&Honey otherwise :)

  4. the nyx blush look so pretty ^_~ I agree on the Beauty Blender it is such a pain to wash & dry T___T I do run my nails just so the makeup would come off while rinsing but I tend to tear off a portion of it >_<

    1. Ah, glad I'm not the only one who's having issues washing the Beauty Blender! I haven't torn off a chunk of it but there are some small knicks here and there :(

  5. I'm so going to be getting a few things you listed here: the dry shampoo and the origins spot remover! i've been curious about it for so long now! x

  6. I think NYX Cream Blush are probably the best cream blushes ever, and I think I will have to give this Klorane dry shampoo a go sometimes!

    1. I love the NYX cream blushes too and it's crazy when some people don't like them! Hope you like the dry shampoo if you try it!


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