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While my makeup spending has waned over the past few months, I have been spending way more on pampering goodies which is probably mostly inspired by the likes of Vivianna Does Makeup and other beauty bloggers. Sometimes a bit of unnecessary primping is... well, necessary. As a child I used to detest showers as it meant half an hour of tedious scrubbing and less time for play. Now, I look forward to coming home from a long day of mucking about the city and enjoying a nice warm shower and a moisturizing face mask to sooth my skin. These are my top picks and products that I have been using often as of late to treat myself a few days a week!

Lush Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie - If you read my review on this, you'll know that I quite adore it because it smells like a delicious vanilla milkshake and is a nice body wash that softens the skin. I particularly like to use this before shaving my legs for optimum smoothness.

Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - This is another gorgeous smelling product and is a great treat for the skin as a last step shower measure. It adds a hint of moisture and the slightest slip on the skin which will be great for people with normal skin. Unfortunately my severely dehydrated, chapped skin needs a bit more TLC and this does not replace a moisturizer for me. I have yet to find my holy grail, pampering body moisturizer so it is exempt from this post. Let me know your recommendations in the comments!

Elemis Sp@home Tranquil Touch Creamy Body Wash* - I picked this up from Apothica purely because it was on sale and Elemis is a brand I have been wanting to try. This body wash feels luxurious and moisturizing and does not contain harsh ingredients such as SLS. I really enjoy the texture of this body wash and it definitely feels very luxe. That being said, the scent is not really up my alley as it has a very masculine scent. I think this would make a lovely gift for a boyfriend, husband, brother, father or whatever male relation you need to shop for this holiday season!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap in Milk - Ah, good old bar soap is sure to be a shower time staple for the rest of my life. Only around last year did I first try bar soap as I had always associated bar soaps as a masculine product since my dad is the only one who uses bar soap that I know of. There is definitely some kind of old time novelty that a good hunk of bar soap delivers and this particular one from L'Occitane is moisturizing and pleasant smelling. The scent is faint and pairs well with other scents from lotions and whatever I decide to slather on my body that day. A bar will last a decent amount of time and is not too pricey. The environmental benefits include saving water by not having it in the formula and reducing plastic consumption as the soap comes in recyclable paper. It is also more energy efficient to transport lightweight soaps as opposed to heavy bottles of diluted body wash so the carbon footprint is further reduced. Seriously, bar soap is awesome and you should all give it a try!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel Mask* - Moving onto skincare, the most pampering masks are definitely ones that inject moisture into my skin and bring out the inner plumpness that can sometimes be lost. I like to use this gel mask in place of my night time skincare routine and leave it on overnight. This mask is one of the best skincare products I have ever used because it not only soothes the skin but also leaves it feeling hydrated and healthy. I find that it helps acne scars and scabs heal faster as well. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - In the same vein, this is Origin's answer to plump and moisturized skin. Although this is meant to be an overnight mask, I prefer to leave it on for about an hour or so before bed and rinse most of it off before hopping under the sheets. The thicker formula includes silicones that aggravates my skin sometimes and could be the culprit to some minor breakouts I had experienced recently. Letting my skin soak up a bit of the product and rinsing the excess away helps my skin from feeling too weighed down. This mask is exactly half the price of the Jurlique option for the same amount of product and many people seem to agree with the Origins one. 

Orofluido Beauty Elixir for Hair - Before this year I had never really paid much attention to my hair but after applying oils and other after-wash treatments, I noticed an improvement in the strength and texture of my hair. The Orofluido Beauty Elixir is made with a blend of oils to help with a variety of hair issues. Honestly I am trying several different hair serums and treatments and this is one that I have on hand at the moment that is decent. I recently ran out of Josie Maran's Argan Oil which I really enjoyed as well.

Lush R&B Hair Treatment - This is another hair treatment but is a solid balm as opposed to an oil. This is particularly nice for pre-styling as it gives my hair more hold and texture. The scent of this is also very nice and lingers in my hair. Taking a few extra minutes to put some product on the ends of my hair has helped my locks look healthier and further adds to the pampering regimen. 

Nail Polishes - I try to make some time to paint my nails about every week because it is a very calming way to de-stress my mind. Having pretty fingernails when I'm out and about is also much better than having uneven, brittle nails. A few of my favorite picks for this time of year are ORLY Rage, Zoya JulesZoya Kendal, and Spoiled Breakfast in Red. 

L'Occitane Amber Candle - I vowed to not succumb to the candle craze and yet somehow I still did. I picked up this candle from L'Occitane when I went in to get the soap because the musky yet sweet scent was quite unique. I can imagine some people finding this scent to be very old or maybe even granny-ish  but it personally evokes images of a log cabin in the woods. 

Voluspa Panjore Lychee Candle* and Pomegranate Patchouli Candle* - Continuing with the candle love, I acquired these small candles purely because of the adorable size. The panjore lychee candle is a bit too sweet for my liking but the pink tin makes a beautiful mantle piece and the pomegranate patchouli candle is more musky and sensual. Unfortunately I think the sheer tininess of these candles make it very difficult for me to detect the scents unless I directly try to smell the candles. They definitely make pretty decorations and having a few mini candles lit around a dim room sets up the environment for a night of rest and relaxation.

Bath & Body Works Leaves Candle - First and foremost I am not a fan of Bath & Body Works but I am a huge fan of Ingrid so I had to pick up this candle when I found it for 50% off. I absolutely adore the smell of this candle. It invokes memories of Christmas and a warm, cozy home. The fragrance is very strong and I love the way it fills the room for a few days after I've burned the candle. 

Check out the video below to see the products a bit better and to hear more of my ramblings!


How do you pamper yourself after a long and stressful day? Let me know what your favorite beauty products are when you want to unwind in the comments below!

Items denoted with a * were given to me for free by companies for consideration. 


  1. The thought of a wash off body conditioner always repulsed me a bit so I'm glad you say Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is not great for dy skin, I'll skip it because of my eczema! Thanks!

    BTW, did you know you had captchas on your blog?

    1. Glad to have helped! I think you mentioned that I had captchas on my blog before but I don't really understand why you brought it up. Is it annoying? Should I take it down? I don't think it's too much of a hassle for people to type in a code and it probably deters a few spammers out there :)

  2. I usually indulge myself into a lavender bubble bath matching it with a lavender scented candle and all my stress are long gone after~

    1. Oh that sounds heavenly! I wish I could have the chance to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath :)

  3. Such lush items! I feel the same about the Ro's Argan, especially for the winter. I imagine it will be great for summer. I also have the Turkish Delight smoothie, if you love Ro's Argan, I think you will love that one too! It smells amazeballs!

    1. I need to try Turkish Delight now! I'm not too much into pampering in the warmer months because I'd rather be outside :D

  4. I seriously need to make a trip to l'occitane, everything looks great! x

    1. Yes you do! I absolutely love their store and their products are incredibly luxurious :)


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