Zoya Wednesday: Summer Wishing

Normally I tuck the teal and sea foam blue nail polishes away at the end of August and wait until spring to bring them out again. Wednesday is an exception only because it was one of polishes in my Zoya haul and I cannot bring myself to wait a couple of months to try it out. Even if this polish has no place in your holiday manicure line up, it's the perfect color for a day at the beach!

Wednesday is a cream turquoise that applies like a dream. Two coats can give you opaque coverage like other Zoya creams I have tried but I often do three just to make everything even. In my experience, Zoya cream formulas apply very well and it is easy to paint on the nail without getting polish on your skin. I can do all ten of my nails in under 30 minutes from start to finish.

What do you think about Zoya's Wednesday? What are some of your favorite teal nail polishes and would you wear them this time of year?


  1. I love the color! I never really followed the winter/summer only colors rule anyway lol
    I'm surprised a polish can dry so fast and 3 coats! :O

    1. I hate beauty rules as well because I think we already have enough rules to dictate our lives and beauty should have no boundaries! But I've accumulated quite a number of polishes so changing them with the seasons is a good way for me to make sure I share the love with a variety of colors :)

  2. the shade is really pretty! ^_~


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