Zoya Julie: A Lavender Polish You NEED!

When I saw the press images for Zoya's Lovely collection, I had an inkling that Julie, a pearly lavender, would be my favorite of the bunch. Even though I usually prefer cream finishes, there was something about this purple that looked special. It wasn't until I applied the polish to my nails that I could see the full effect of this stunning lilac and words cannot describe how much I adore this single polish.

Zoya describes Julie as a "soft wisteria purple metallic" which I disagree with. Julie is not metallic and the shimmer is really quite subtle. That isn't a bad thing because I think the muted shimmer makes this much more wearable for everyday. The light purple leans the slightest bit blue and under certain lighting conditions, the polish transforms into the most stunning periwinkle.

While Zoya claims Julie is full coverage, I don't think it's opaque as it could possibly be. One coat was simply sheer and three coats yielded perfect coverage. For me, this is not a con because I'd rather do three thin coats than two thick, goopy coats that crack and chip within three days. It was easy to layer Julie as the polish did not bunch up.

Wear time is excellent and I wore the polish for five days with no chipping and only the slightest bit of tip wear. There were absolutely no cracks and I simply did a tiny bit of filing to erase signs of tip wear.

Julie is a top notch contender for my favorite spring polish at the moment and probably my most beloved purple polish in my collection as well. I highly recommend this nail polish as everything from the color to the formula wins me over.

*This product was provided by Zoya for review purposes. I am not being compensated in any other way and my opinions are my own. 


  1. I love love love lavenders! This one has a cooler bluey tone...So pretty! :) I think I'm obsessed with all purple polishes xD

  2. the shade is really pretty! loved it ^_~

  3. I need this! I really like that pearly finish. I'll get it next time Zoya has a promo.


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