In My Room: The Edge of My Vanity

It's been only a week since I last saw my room back in New York but it feels like it's been several months. The first few days of being in a new city, home and room were especially rough and even though I'm adjusting well enough, I know I will look forward to heading home in a few months. Awhile ago someone on Youtube requested a room tour but I wasn't comfortable showing the condition of my room as I was in the process of redecorating parts of it. I thought I'd give you guys the next best thing and start a series showcasing bits of my room. Obviously I took these photos before I left and won't be able to continue the series regarding my room at home but perhaps I can post about my temporary Amsterdam room.

One of my favorite parts of my room back at home is my vanity area, and the shelf that holds my fragrances, a bit of jewelry and skincare products (the other edge of my vanity not shown).

I'm not an avid fragrance collector by any means so I only have YSL's Parisienne which is one of my favorite scents for winter. I also have a small bottle of Bath & Body Works' Forever Red which I received in my Influenster Cosmo VoxBox but don't really care for. Ages ago I bought one of those Harajuku Lovers perfumes simply because of the packaging without realizing I didn't like the scent at all. I gave the perfume to my mom and kept the solid perfume that came in the set just for decoration.

The reason I don't buy perfume is because I always manage to get perfume samples with random beauty purchases. A small vial lasts me weeks because I always forget to spritz on some. At the rate that I use perfume and the rate that I add perfume samples to my stash, I will never run out.

I need to display my jewelry if I'm going to wear it because I'm often in a rush in the morning and I do not want to rummage through drawers to find a particular item. I asked for the dachshund and elephant jewelry holders for Christmas and one of my cousins was sweet enough to fulfill that request. I love how simple yet adorable the white sculpted figures look on my shelf.

I'm not a big ring wearer so the little elephant helps remind me to grab a ring or two before heading out of the door. The two small rings on top are the ones I wear the most often together. My Mom bought them a long time ago and passed them onto me so they have a vintage, antique feel which makes me love them even more!

In a teeny tiny red, lacquered heart I have some more expensive stud earrings that I only wear on special occasions. I have a knack for losing or breaking jewelry but it might also be due to the fact that most of my jewelry is costume jewelry. The silver and blue topaz studs are my latest acquisition from my boyfriend for my 20th birthday. They're perfect for winter but I didn't want to bring them with me to Amsterdam for fear of losing them.

Waking up and seeing this small part of my room instantly puts me in a cheery mood and motivates me to get up and get ready. To improve this aspect of my room I hope to give away the perfumes I don't use and purchase ones I know I love (Dior J'adore and Juicy Couture Juicy Couture (that is not a typo)). I also hope to phase out my costume jewelry and invest in high quality pieces. What does your perfume and jewelry storage look like? What's your favorite part of your room?


  1. So cute! I love the elephant ring stand~ How creative<3


  2. love your little perfume bottles:) your vanity area is beautiful <3

  3. I have the same little elephant! Love it for rings!

  4. I love your setup! I'm way too lazy to clean the dust that collects to have anything nice out in the open like that xD
    The elephant is too adorable :D


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