Zoya Jacqueline: Buttercream for the Nails

Zoya Jacqueline is the most demure spring nail color without being an actual nude. This is just the polish shade I needed to brighten up the gloomy morning when I snapped this swatch (hence the rather strange coloring). Jacqueline is a soft creamy yellow that opts for the understated beige and neutral route rather than the sunshine fluorescent that yellows can be. Zoya describes Jacqueline as a "perfect magnolia nude cream" which is quite true. There is just a hint of fine shimmer when you inspect the bottle up close but once applied there is no shimmer at all.

Like the other cream formulas that I have tested from the Lovely Collection, Jacqueline applied nice and opaque within two coats. I did get some minor cracking on a few nails by my second day of wear though, which is unfortunate. Even with some cracking, there were no chips by the fourth day. I attribute some of the cracking problems to my somewhat weak nails and also because the creamy, opaque formula makes each layer of polish a bit thicker than I would like. The polish is by no means goopy but applies more heavy than a thinner shimmer formula from the same line.

Jacqueline is a unique shade in my collection and a welcome one because of it's soft appearance and feminine charm. If you're tired of sheer baby pinks and brown taupes on your nails, give this a try for spring.

*This product was provided by Zoya for review purposes. I am not being compensated in any other way and my opinions are my own. 


  1. It is a pretty yellowish nude! I've been wanting to get a shade like that, but I'm always dissapointed with how streaky they are or that they look off on my skintone. Now I'm tempted to buy it!

    1. This applied nicely and I've never had problems with Zoya polishes streaking. I actually think Jacqueline looks quite nice on my fingers :) It's ladylike without being boring!

  2. Replies
    1. Didn't think I would love this shade either but it's one of my favorites from the collection!


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