First Picks From Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a French brand that first crossed my radar while I was browsing Lipglossiping and Charlotte was showcasing a beautiful taupe eyeshadow from the brand. Yves Rocher is available to Americans through their online shop but I personally prefer making purchases in-store. Lucky for me there are several Yves Rocher stores in Amsterdam and I made a trip down to their Kalverstraat location as soon as I could.

The only thing I really needed was a body moisturizer as my skin is so dry and the winter weather is not helping at all. I chose the Noix De Coco De Malaisie which roughly translates to Malaysian Coconut I believe. My parents are from Malaysia so I was pretty much sold on that factor alone. I also grabbed their Jardin Du Monde Fleur De Coton Creme De Douche which is a shower gel. Although I have not had considerable success with cleansing waters, I am constantly trying new ones to make myself fall in love. I picked up the 3 Detoxifying Teas Micellar Water to try out. Surprisingly I did not bring any moisturizing masks to Amsterdam so I grabbed two of the 3 Minute Masks in the grape and pomegranate flavors meant for hydrating and radiance boosting, respectively. I couldn't leave without a makeup product so I opted for the Moisturizing Cream Lipstick in 61 Rose Galica.

Yves Rocher has an interesting pricing strategy in which they constantly have promotions and discounts. The brand has a somewhat elevated feel due to the packaging and presentation of the products however the retail prices are reasonable. In general the skincare and body care is less expensive compared to the cosmetics. I joined their rewards program in which you can earn bloesempunten, which I assume translates to blossom points, and trade in points for free products. When you register as a member you get a little welcome pack of samples and various coupon books. Perhaps it's a good thing I'll only been in Europe for a few months as I can see this points program as being too enticing for me to resist taking advantage of!

Individual reviews on each of these products will be appearing on the blog after I have thoroughly tested them. So far, my impressions of Yves Rocher are positive and I've actually already been back to haul a few more goodies. The second haul will be up after I get a few reviews out of the way first. Have you heard of Yves Rocher and tried any of their products? What product would you like me to review first?


  1. I've never heard of this brand. But their strategy sounds really interesting. Too enticing for deal seekers :P Boy those names sure are mouthfuls!

  2. I think Yves Rocher was once a popular brand in Canada and even had a few shops in my city, but I don't see it around anymore. I hear they make really lovely scented products!


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