Milani 3D: Multifaceted Gold Polish

Spring is almost here but today's post revolves around my Christmas mani from last year.... Somehow the gorgeousness of Milani's 3D, a holographic gold, was lost amongst the sea of drafted posts. Better late than never, right?

Simply put, 3D is a gorgeous glittery polish that sparkles and shines without looking gaudy. I do not think the shade comes across highly holographic but it definitely catches the light. The shimmers are finely milled so each coat is smooth and thin. I cannot remember exactly how many coats I did but I'd venture a guess and say three thin coats are optimal for opaque coverage.

Milani's 3D is a beautiful polish for the holidays or any type of special occasion. If you're looking for a holographic gold polish, this might not be up to par but if you want a stellar glimmery gold, be sure to check this one out!


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