A Sunny Afternoon in Brussels, Belgium

My parents took a few days off from work in order to squeeze a very short trip to visit me in Amsterdam and although we only had four days together, we wanted to make the most of their journey.  We decided to take a bus ride from Amsterdam to Brussels to get a feel for another European city and the weather could not be more perfect for our day trip to the Belgian capital.

I had researched a number of good restaurants before the trip but scrapped the ideas in favor of a busy cafe right in the middle of Grote Markt, the main square in Brussels. The food was nothing spectacular but the location was great for soaking up the sun and people watching. I fueled up with a melty croque-monsieur and fresh squeezed orange juice, mMm.  

The streets are quite tiny in Brussels and turn every which way, making it somewhat nerve-wracking if you don't have time to get lost. 

The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert shopping center was beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen in America. The architecture in Brussels transported me to a time period I've only seen in movies and read about in books. Unfortunately we happened to be in Brussels on a Sunday so most shops were closed. 

The details in the buildings are absolutely breathtaking. It's hard to imagine every sculpture being carved and every brick being laid in such intricate fashions.

If you're interested in architecture, art and culture, Brussels would definitely be a good place to drop by for a day or two. 

Wandering away from the main square, my parents and I stumbled upon the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.

The inside of the cathedral was impressive as the high ceilings and amount of natural light made it a very welcoming and calming place. 

We mainly stuck to the Grote Markt and the little streets surrounding it since we were only in the city for a few hours and did not want to risk getting lost and missing our bus.

Before we left we had to eat a famous Belgian waffle at Maison Dandoy, which is apparently one of the best waffle places in Brussels. There are several Maison Dandoy shops around Brussels but some don't carry waffles and only cookies and sweets that make great souvenirs.

My parents shared a Belgium waffle while I opted for the chewy and sweeter Liege waffle with ice cream and chocolate syrup. It is safe to say I had more sugar that day than I should have for a week but it was absolutely delicious!

Brussels is a small city and the main area is ultra-touristy so an afternoon visit was perfect for me. It was nice to experience a different European city with my parents and get a taste of Belgium.


  1. So sweet of your parents to find time to visit you! I always thought parents would just wait the xx months until their kids come back lol

    It looks like you saw so much for staying within a few streets :O
    The belgian waffles looks so good!!

    1. My mom really wanted to come out and visit me but my dad simply tagged along because my mom made him XD I enjoyed having them visit me for a few days because it's not a long flight from NY to here. A lot of people actually have their families visit them and many of the European students actually go home during breaks because it's such a short commute. If I was in Asia or some place a lot farther, I doubt anyone would have visited me haha.

  2. Wow the buildings are breathtaking! Very envious of your time in Brussels. I recently looked up the city and it looks wonderful. Glad you had a beautiful day to spend in a beautiful city

    1. If you like chocolate, waffles and beer you'd like Brussels very much! I don't drink so I can't comment too much about that but people have told me the night life is good and there's a place called Delirium which is apparently amazing for beer :)

  3. aww, such an artsy place! I think every corner is just a piece of art! lovely ^_~


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