First Primark Haul!

Last week I made a trip to Zaandam, about 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central, for one purpose: Primark. I've seen Primark hauls from UK Youtubers but I've never been really curious about the brand since we don't have any stores in America. After seeing numerous people carrying large brown bags with the Primark logo in city center (where there is no Primark, ironically) I figured I should go see for myself what all the hype is about.

As you can see, I definitely went a bit overboard and came out with a big brown bag of my own. The prices are very low and there is such a large variety that it's hard to not grab everything in sight. I ended up with three purses, two pairs of pants, and quite a few tops. Check out the video below to see everything I picked up!

Another trip to Primark will probably in the works before I leave for home as I assume they change their stock frequently. Have you ever been to Primark? What are your favorite budget fashion labels?


  1. Love your picks! Especially the purses :D
    How different is European sizing?

    1. European sizing is just... different. If you shop at H&M and stores like that then they usually have the sizes for multiple countries/areas listed. In European sizes I'm anywhere from a 6 to a 10 depending on the cutting and how I want the clothes to fit. Shoe wise I'm about a 37 or 38 I believe. It's honestly kind of trial and error for me XD

  2. The black purse you bought is so pretty! love the detailing :)


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