Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Reconstructing Masque: Worth The Splurge?

In the last few months I have been more concerned about the health of my hair which I am trying to grow out. I am often prone to split ends and frizz so good hair days were far and few before I started using after shower creams and hair masks. In one of my last Birchbox orders, I chose a generous sample of the Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Reconstructing Masque at check out, just to see what a high end mask could do for my locks. 

The brand claims that "soy protein works to reconstruct and strengthen hair while natural conditioners like shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower oil nourish and moisturize". All those nourishing ingredients will set you back $58 for the full size 5.1 oz bottle which is quite hefty. There are a load of unpronounceable ingredients in this mask and the smell is something quite bizarre and off putting (in my opinion). The texture is akin to mashed bananas which I find kind of interesting and unique. The cream can be easily massaged into the hair and it clings onto strands without sliding off before you want it to. A small dollop goes a long way and this 1.5 oz sample should last me about five or six applications. But the most important question boils down to: does it work?

Quite simply, yes, it does work. It actually works really well which I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about considering the extortionate price tag. The instructions say to leave the mask in your hair for two to five minutes which is quite little compared to most masks that recommend upwards of ten minutes. Two minutes is really all you need as my hair feels instantly smoother and healthier after rinsing. There is a noticeable improvement to the texture of my hair after using this product that I have yet to achieve with other masks. 

If you have the money to splurge on a great hair mask and need something intensive that works quickly, this might be for you. The scent is honestly the biggest downfall but I can stand it for two minutes if it means smoother and healthier hair. As for me, I am tempted to purchase more Number 4 products to try but the expensive price makes me hesitate to shell out the big bucks for things I will need to repurchase over and over. Do you spend as much money on your hair as you do your skin or makeup? What are your favorite hair treatments?


  1. After years of japanese perming, my hair had so many split ends and felt pretty damaged. I really didn't do much to it though in terms of masks. I just shampooed and air-dried as much as I could and it eventually turned itself around.

    I tried the the Essential Hair Mask before and thought it wasn't bad. Made my hair felt really soft and less tangles (at least for that day and the next day or maybe two). But I didn't use it consistently enough to know if it really did my hair a lot of good.

    That is a pretty expensive product. Hopefully you can find something much cheaper that'll give you similar results? :D Or perhaps try the DIY route?

    1. I agree with you about leaving the hair alone and it will repair itself. I haven't straightened, permed or colored my hair at the salon in years and my hair has definitely gotten healthier. I'm trying to grow my hair out really long so I don't want to damage it before reaching the length I want.

      I actually found a very affordable hair mask that I really enjoy and a review will be coming up on that really soon :) DIY methods are nice in theory but I'm honestly a bit lazy and it takes more effort to gather the ingredients.

  2. I actually would not spend that much in treating my hair *maybe that is the reason why my hair is damaged, frizzy and super dry :\* But I'm just using argan oil for my hair and it does *somewhat* help revive my hair shine ^_~

    1. I used to use argan oil on my hair after showering and it made a slight difference. I don't think it's essential to use expensive beauty products to get good results. It just so happens that this is exorbitantly pricey and very effective!


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