Reviving The Youtube Channel: Get Ready With Me!

Recently I've had this nagging guilt regarding my Youtube channel which I've completely neglected since coming to Amsterdam. I made no notice of my study abroad plans and have not posted a video in over two months..... Truth be told, I lacked motivation and blogging is much more convenient and easy for me. But it's time for me to get back into video making and hopefully I'll be posting more consistently from here on out. I'm not making any solid promises though!


I was thinking long and hard about what kind of video I should do first to ease back into the beauty vlogging world and I thought a simple get ready with me tutorial would be a nice way to say hello again. You can see some of the products I've been loving in use as well as some of the newer beauty additions to my collection. 

Please comment with any video suggestions that you may want to see! I'm on the look out for new video ideas!


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