Scrub For Smoother Skin with L'Occitane's Almond Delicious Soap

Looking back I surely overpacked for my four and a half month trip abroad in terms of beauty products. Thankfully I do not regret my body scrub of choice for the journey as L'Occitane's Almond Delicious Soap is the perfect compact exfoliating soap. 

The 1.7 ounce bar retails for $5 which might be pricey compared to drugstore, run of the mill bar soap but in the grand scheme of things, you can easily shell out for this without breaking the bank. The soap has lovely little imprinting detail and the shape fits easily into my hands. The scent is akin to the L'Occitane almond range which is not particularly a favorite of mine. I'm situated in the middle in terms of the scent as I do not hate it but I don't particularly love it either.

I use this about once a week in place of my regular bar soap or body wash. The soap base foams up and cleanses the skin while the crushed almond shells exfoliate. The particles can be a bit scratchy so I use very light and gentle circular motions to buff my skin. So far I've used up about half the bar in about two months.

After using this product, my skin feels noticeably smoother and hydrated without greasiness. The sweet almond oil probably factors into that result somehow. Above you can take a gander at the ingredients list if you're curious about what exactly is in this little bar of goodness.

If you want a moisturizing body scrub without an oily residue, this might be a nice option to look into. I love that it cleanses and exfoliates all at once and comes in a handy size for me to travel with. If you love the scent, then that gives you just another incentive to try out this luxurious little soap.


  1. That sounds like a soap I will enjoy. Price isn't too bad. I'm gonna have to put that on my wishlist :). Thanks for the review.

  2. MM I love loccitaine stuff! Why have I not discovered this before? Must check it out

  3. I still haven't used it yet. Now I can't wait to.
    But this along with the other soap you gave me makes my drawers smell great lol :P

  4. the packaging looks like a oatmeal cookie!! ^_~


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